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Contact Importer Plugins


February 26th, 2014

Has anyone had experience with contact importer plugins that you can recommend (or not recommend)? I want to import email addresses from gmail, AOL, yahoo, outlook, etc. and am looking at Cloudsponge and OpenInviter. Any good experiences or bad ones with those importers or others?


February 26th, 2014

This is a decent update --

Aji Abraham

February 26th, 2014

I have been using cloudsponge for a number of projects and it works like a charm. One of our project was in beta for almost year. They extended the free trial until we were out of beta. I got  a mail from them other day saying they are adding facebook also for address import. so it would be handy when its ready. I would recommend Cloudsponge. Never tried openinviter though.

Iqbal Barikzai Front end developer at Trulia

May 12th, 2014

The problem with cloudsponge is that they request all contacts in one call, this could mean a long wait time for someone with alot of contacts.

Do any of these services allow you to pull in a few contacts at a time (lets say 50) so that we can show our user the first 50 contacts and load the rest / updating the view.  So they dont have to wait forever for all the contacts to be pulled?