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Content Partnerships and IP Concerns

Helen Adeosun

May 31st, 2013

Hey everyone,

Has anyone formed a content sharing agreement with any other companies in your sector. I am on a tear this summer to form really awesome strategic partnerships, especially in content and our education classes. I know I need to talk to a lawyer but are there any considerations and issues I may run into? How do you split money in the partnerships?

Paul PhD Founder, CEO and R&D Director, GNSS, IOT Consultant

May 31st, 2013

HI Helen
My advice is to get a lawyer right from the start.  Many firms around here have programs for startups/entrepreneurs that delay any fees until you get a seed/A round > $50k.
They will also have "rules of thumb" for market based splitting formula.
They will have many boiler plate contracts. 

I can recommend you to someone at King and Spalding, Pillsbury with such programs.
I can also recommend a really great small firm that is female led.  Jessica Su.
You can tell her that I recommened you there.  She will give you good advice.

Here is her site and pitch.

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Helen Adeosun

May 31st, 2013

Thank you Paul and Tom!

Tom I do rememeber you and it's amazing how small Boston is, thank you so much. That night made me work even harder and I am forever grateful for your feedback. Tom I would love to talk. I agree that a lot of what I am doing is learning. I meet with this other company tomorrow and I am excited, but we're both early stage so that's going to be interesting. I will reach out on linked in.

Paul I will reach out Jessica on Monday for a consultation and may have access to legal resources this summer.

Again, thank you everyone!!

Helen Adeosun

Tom Huntington

May 31st, 2013

Hi Helen, We met at an angel investor speed networking event a few months ago. I also saw that Sittercycle was a Mass Challenge finalist. Congrats! I haven't done many content deals but I've done a bunch of partnerships. If you want to talk, let me know. For splitting money, it's pretty common to have revenue shares where you agree on a % split and then count up the number of customers each period. If you have some value add/pricing power, you could negotiate a fixed fee per customer. Depending on the type of content you're sourcing and what you want to do with the customers, you may want a lot of control over how the content is displayed (branding, user experience) and monitored (analytics on your user base). At your early stage, it is probably more important to get the user experience and monitoring right than the pricing. You can always renegotiate pricing later once usage is up. Best, Tom Huntington Sent from my iPhone