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January 14th, 2018

What should I expect in terms of AWS costs? How can I reduce these costs? Are there any other costs to consider? What are costs post website launch?

Brett Gardner Serial Entrepreneur

January 14th, 2018

You are missing far too much information about what your app/website does..

How many users? How many active?

Is it a video sharing/streaming app?

How many visits does it get per day?

How many interactions per user?

How long do users spend on the app/site?

Do you use 3rd party API's? (this is a whole different monster with pricing)

What AWS products are you running?

Dynamo DB?



Elastic Beanstalk?


You should start by talking to the folks at AWS.

John Gwinner Author and VR Pioneer, CTO, Oracle ERP, C++, Game development

January 14th, 2018

Switch to Azure. They are always cheaper (they adjust their prices).

Other than that, there isn't enough information to be able to answer.

You would need an architecture audit by a CTO or consulting team. It would depend on the amount of hits, the server requirements, how many users, how much traffic, how well is the application constructed to use Content Delivery Networks (for static or refreshed content), and many other variables.

It also depends on what you want to do. Do you want to give bare minimal performance to your users? Or do you want to knock their socks off?

Is it strictly a cloud/web app, or is it a PC/Mobile app that only stores some data in the cloud?

There are so many options.

By the post website launch, usually isn't the right time to consider such questions. While some performance can be achieved by tuning post-go-live, most performance has to be built in from the beginning.

Sometimes, the worst thing that can happen is radical success! This is an issue with many Kickstarter wild successes.

Dom DaFonte I build products and see if they stick.

Last updated on January 15th, 2018

First, amazon offer a free tier for startups on their first year.

You get a free vpc, ec2 t2.micro that is sufficient to run an mvp for 12 months. Iyou also receive premier tech support for 30 days.

In my first year I was paying around $18/month for a lemp stack on aws. The $18 was for my elastic load balancer. Server is free and sufficient to run a website nginx, and mysql database.

I was able to spin up my environment in a few days thanks to the help of aws tech support. If you go this route then really lean on the business support plan you get free for the first week or month.

Second, you need to offer more details of your architecture and product before We can offer you a concise answer.

Hope this helps.

Chris Cardinal Principal at Synapse Studios

January 14th, 2018

As others have mentioned, we need _way_ more information here. For instance, if you're transcoding video or publishing live video, your costs will be substantially higher than if you're serving a simple web site with just a few thousand visitors.

We host a site that receives 7 million monthly pageviews and handles upwards of 1,000 concurrent users regularly for about $1,500/month, and that's allowing for some not-optimized older code, with a lot of that budget going to using CloudFront, AWS's CDN.

For a new website or smaller app with relatively low traffic, a typical stack might include paying for EC2 (web server), ELB (load balancer, so that you can use multiple servers), RDS (database, if you're using MySQL or PostgreSQL for instance), ElastiCache (for persisting sessions if you're using multiple servers), S3 and CloudFront for durable file storage and delivery, and a few others.

There are any number of ways to configure the sizes of these resources. You can reduce the costs by identifying what a solid baseline is for your traffic and resource utilization, and then purchasing reserved instances, which act as credits against the resource type you've reserved.

But this sort of question just betrays that you should really ensure you're working with a consultant, devops professional, or CTO-type who has configured your environment for your current and near-term projected traffic, and has taken advantage of any reserved instances available, or placed you on the free tier, if that's an option.

Scott Fischer Founder/Consultant providing Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) as solutions to help SMBs with growth

January 14th, 2018

Custom build out and design is anywhere from $2,500 to $5k. $199 month thereafter to

host, provide 24/7 support, updates and new features as they come out.

To reduce costs, agree to be a testimonial for us after youre up and running.

That is the short version answer, but honestly you wont see this as an expens, as it will provide immediate ROI...and you will profit greatly from it in SO many areas.

Please let me know if you would

lkke to schedule a phone call to

discusss things?