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Create Niche alone or Collaborate for Stronger Value Proposition?

Sudhakar I. Prabu Managing Director |

July 13th, 2016

What do you think is a better option, advantages and disadvantages?
Create a niche in a crowded market where the score of differentiation is slim or Collaborate with players to create stronger value proposition?
Love to know your thoughts and reasons.

Naveen Coomar Enabling Organisational and Individual Performance Transformation

July 14th, 2016

Hi Prabhu, Hope you remember we met at NHRDN meeting a couple of months back. I am keen to collaborate and explore possibilities. Let us connect and take it forward sometime. Regards, Naveen Coomar Cell: +91.9810.232.822 LinkedIn:

Sudhakar I. Prabu Managing Director |

July 14th, 2016

@Naveen Coomar;    Yes i do remember. it was so nice to connect with you in NHRDN, So nice to connect with you here again. Love to explore collaboration. will call you soon. Good Day.

Michael Peterson Consultant at CenterPointe Solutions, INC

July 14th, 2016

Once more the "one ring to bind them all" line from Lord of the Rings rings true. One small caveat, we want the collaborative binding to be a positive event. 
In order to keep up, to penetrate the market, to gain share, we must collaborate; We must partner and  present our Private Label Portal to everything under our area of expertise.  
The preceding speech is probably to cryptic without more foundation.  Call anytime.  Michael 803 2519179

Tarcila Ursini Director at Angatu Consultoria em Estratégia para Sustentabilidade & Member of Duratex Sustainability Committee

July 18th, 2016

Prezado(a), Estou em perodo de frias at o dia 29 de julho, com acesso limitado a e-mails. Em caso de urgncia, favor contatar Sta. Karina Almeida pelo telefone: 11- 2812-3825 I am on vacation until July 29th, with limited access to e-mails. In case you need immediate assistance, please contact Ms. Karina Almeida at 5511- 2812-3825. Grata/ Best regards, Tarcila Reis Ursini Em 14/07/2016, s 04:25, "Sudhakar I Prabu Consultant Coach Facilitator" escreveu: