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Creating a discussion area like FounderDating's?

David Leibowitz

September 19th, 2016

I'd like to create something similar to FD's discussion area (that we're all using right now) for my own product. I really like the simplicity of just prompting users to "ask a question" as opposed to more standard forums like Discourse. We also really like the email and social integration.

Does anyone know if there is an existing software product that we can use to implement this feature? Or are we on the hook for a lot of custom code?

David Albert Founder & Principal at GreyGoo

September 19th, 2016

I did some research on this recently for a client project. There are a couple of WordPress-based solutions out there. Based on my findings, this seemed to be the best candidate: https://www.designwall.com/wordpress/plugins/dw-question-answer/

Connie Bensen Community, Social Media and Marketing Leader

September 19th, 2016

I agree that the email and social integration for this community is superb. 

Atlassian has a Question & Answer component that we used at Collibra. http://compass.collibra.com. This can be set up for a reasonable cost.

We're building in WordPress now using Buddy Press to add more functionality.