Creating an E-Commerce Site?

Kela Price Executive Director

July 7th, 2016

Can any of you recommend a good on demand apparel platform? I created a lifestyle brand and I was buying the pieces in bulk, taking them to a local printer and shipping them myself. However, I'm looking for a more efficient way to customize and ship apparel.

Bart Mroz Head of Brand Experience

July 7th, 2016

We have used https://www.theprintful.com/ and had great results SUMO Heavy Bart Mroz Head of Brand Experience SUMO Heavy Industries Digital Commerce Consulting bart@sumoheavy.com @BartMroz O (877) 242-SUMO M (215) 605-9779 SUMOHEAVY.COM How My Days as a Chef Prepared Me to Grow a Startup The kitchen not only taught me the art of food, but also prepared me to be a better developer entrepreneur.com

Andrew Sparrow Web Developer

July 7th, 2016

One of my clients does something extremely similar to this with his sports apparel company. He can probably provide you with advice on logistics and production. Shoot me a call and I'll connect the two of you.(206) 707 2339 I can also give you advice on which platform to use too if you want.

Anton Komarov

July 7th, 2016

Hi Kela, Is something like this https://www.theprintful.com/ is what you thinking about? They printing on various items and shipping with shop branding on package. Best, Anton Komarow www.CodeSushi.co 180 Sansome Str. San Francisco cell.: *+1 (415) 910-24-98* Codesushi LLC

Kela Price Executive Director

July 7th, 2016

Thanks, Scott! I'll check out your suggestions as well.

Chandrashekar Ramaswamy Co Founder and Product Manager at y.hatch

July 7th, 2016

Hey Kela,

Just trying to understand your question better.  You're looking at a way to take your current biz online , would that be right? 

So what you're looking for is an web presence where your users can visit, have a look at various categories  or options of t-shirts for example (men, women, kids, or maybe theme -based designs ),  customize a t-shirt by choosing a design, then their t-shirt size, and then proceed to payment and complete that as well.   You need to be able to handle your invoicing, payments and keep track of your shipments.

If the above is what you need  (or somewhere close to what you need :-) ) , then there are different options based on the time you have and need.  There are many  customizable e-comm solutions (think of them like templates that support various functionalities like a shopping cart, payment, and what not). 
Shopify is one such example. Magento is another. Check out Shopify and see if it suits your needs.

Let me know if you have further questions!  Cheers and good luck!


Lester de Souza Building community for entrepreneurs

July 7th, 2016

Kela, going online raises different issues than a bricks and mortar business.  For one thing, online is global so you need to be very clear about selecting localities in which to operate.  The location of the transaction can trigger local taxes and other obligations regarding transfer of funds.  Trademarks and other branding are also open to different risks.  Once you identify which towns you want to operate from and sell to, you can then target your resources appropriately.  Otherwise you are walking into situations which can be quite different from what you intend.  If you have further questions, feel free to connect.

Kela Price Executive Director

July 7th, 2016

Thanks, Andrew! I'll give you a call.


July 7th, 2016

Hi, We I am launching a cool ecommerce platform which is built with the same technologies used by top ecommerce companies and more than technologies its has lot more marketing and analytic tools which helps business owners to understand the business and market and what they have to do as well. Here is the product Amogam.com I have limited the new users however if you are interested I an open on for few. I am also looking for a strong business development partner to grow my startup 100X in short term and be good competitor for top ecommerce companies . Thanks, Anand

Stefan Vermeulen

July 7th, 2016

Hi Kela,

As a customer I have very good experience with Spreadshirt. Possibly they are only in Europe, though.


Vishal Wadher CEO & President at atmosol

July 7th, 2016

Hello Kela,

We've helped small to large apparel retailers get online and generate millions with a solid digital marketing strategy.  Some of them are Fruit of the Loom, Gerber, Lacoste, UnionBay, Alternative Apparel, etc.  

On a high level and without digging into your target audience, your marketing strategy, your product and market appeal, I would suggest Shopify as a good starting platform.  They have several "apps" that will help customize your store and integrate with 3rd parties.  

If you want to plan for future growth, then Magento would be a better option since it allows for a lot more flexibility due to its open source code architecture. However it is not as easy for a novice to use / administer.

If you would like to discuss your needs further and help in evaluating & estimating costs for exactly what platform would be best suited for your short and long term goals then please feel free to contact us via our website - webstore.atmosol.com 

Thank you and wish you all the best in your endeavor!