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Do you consider multi level marketing entrepreneurship?


October 7th, 2016

Enough said… What is your opinion?

Davida Shensky We help small to medium size companies put together a strategy for success and hold you accountable to follow through

October 7th, 2016

you are an entrepreneur because you're in business for yourself and you build a downline(team) but it's different because the company considers you and independent contractor and the provide the replicating website and marketing materials to help you build your business while they help you train your team--what you need to remember for the company it's all about the bottom line of what they're bringing in and they can change the pay plan at anytime to get the heavy hitters in MLM and have to make the payouts more lucrative and forget about those that help them get started before they even launch----for instance this happened with a company called Game Loot Network---in the beginning it was all about sharing the money made from the mobile gaming industry, once they got established it was all about making the company appeal to all the big MLM heavy hitters and to appeal to them.  When they first launched they had 2 or 3 games on their platform that you were supposed to download and play for free and purchase tokens to play in tournaments with---when you played for free they watched advertising that generated revenue for founders---to become a founder you put up either either $1000. or #500 to purchase 10,0000 or 5,000 tokens you can use to play games in tournaments or bid for items in the rewards center and are a game ambassador by paying $50.00/month purchasing 250 tokens a month---since they changed the pay plan they never mention anything about the founders or paid them anything from the revenue sharing from advertising they were promised and now the cost is $124.95/mo.---$24.95 is for the marketing arcade to market the company---the $100.00 goes towards paying out the money to the heavy hitters---Level One or Ruby gets $5.00/day as bonus for bringing in someone who upgrades to a premium or 3 game ambassadors for each premium payer you are supposed to reduce your monthly fee of $100.00 by $10. and when you have 10 premium players your only monthly fee is $24.95---that doesn't seem to be what's happening though---each Level up your daily income increases by $5.00---therefore it's no longer marketing the games on the platform but marketing the income you can make by becoming a game ambassador, therefore none of the new members are even downloading or playing the games so there's no revenue gnerated to pay out to the founders


June 21st, 2017

I think that MULTI LEVEL MARKETING is ENTREPRENEURSHIP because, when you become a member in any of the multi level marketing companies, you will have an account in which only you will be able to manage it the way you want it.

Dan Dascalescu Developer Advocate at Google

October 7th, 2016

Gah... the same way copy/pasting code from StackOverflow is software engineering.

Vivienne Lee Founder at YouMeWho

October 7th, 2016

I think it's a different kind of entrepreneurship, just like lifestyle businesses are different from venture-backed startups. Interestingly, the bulk of my early adopters are MLM consultants and users, specifically Jamberry, which you may have heard of since H&B nailcare looks to be a competitor.

Robert Lee

October 7th, 2016

One of my favorite new words: EntreWannabes...

No idea why so many people going into MLM promote themselves as entrepreneurs when it's just another business model of working for "The Man" and you basically have to follow their rules in bringing in new customers. Even worse, a pyramid eventually collapses when the bottom starts to fall out.

I tend to look at MLM as a sophisticated pyramid scheme that's been customized to focus on a product line.

Robert Butwin Network Marketing Mentor at Network Marketing Business

October 7th, 2016

I have been doing this type of business very successfully for 33 years and wrote a best selling book on this subject.  My belief is that if people really understood this business they would be involved with this type of business.  If you want a free copy of my book, email me at