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Do you have a process for vetting features?

Walter Brew School Bus Driver at School Specialty, Inc.

October 10th, 2016

I am developing a consumer electronics product and I am trying to figure out all of the features it should have. Do you have some kind of a feature vetting process or how do you do this in general?

Ronnie Spang Problem solver; inventor, AV designer, audio-visual programmer, team leader

October 10th, 2016

There is a balance of complexity and capability.
The ideal balance is different for each and every user.
Apple is a very simple and stable platform but highly limited.
Android is a bit more capable, but still has limitations (and is fragmented).
Windows can be programmed to do pretty much anything, but can become complex or even cumbersome for users who only require basic functionality.
Which is best depends upon the application.
Typically a better product will have more settings and capabilities but be seen as more complicated and appeal to a niche techie audience; where simpler devices are often cheap and abundant, and tend to be swapped/upgraded and/or passed over by aficionados.

Difficult to be more specific without more specific detail.
So in conclusion, follow the "Featuritis Curve" and seek the balance that will offer the widest appeal to get started with and then perhaps expand to cheaper, lower cost "lite" models and maybe even eventually more feature-rich advanced versions should that make sense.