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Do you have any examples of service based businesses successfully using Instagram for promotion?

Francesca Hogi Matchmaker, Coach, TV Personality, Speaker:!

September 10th, 2014

I see a lot of discussion around using Instagram to promote your business. I see how it's a natural fit for products, but for service-based businesses I think it's a tougher sell. I am a dating coach and a matchmaker and I am not gaining any traction on IG. 

Cecilia Domenighini Marketing

September 10th, 2014

I can see many product-based businesses sharing pictures on their Instagram platforms, but I find it very boring and impersonal - you can find the same pictures on the website or see the actual product in the shop.
Because the service-based business it tougher to sell on Instagram, you have the ability to be more creative and find unique ways to engage with your customers/followers. For example, I used to work for an online travel agency and platforms like Instagram or Pinterest were very useful for the business. Posting pictures of people enjoying their sunbath in Greece or sipping a glass of wine in Napa Valley, increased the number of our followers, engagement and, yes, ROI too. People love people and they want to see faces on the social media platforms. 
I would recommend you to use TONS of relevant # on Instagram (just google which ones are the most relevant), add a short link that redirects to your website and use people. Good luck for your business!