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Do you have experience launching MVP/product with the 3rd party vendors?

Viktor Dmytrenko Digital Marketing Manager at Ubertesters

October 21st, 2016

Have you tried to use a 3rd-party dev providers to create a project for you? What kind of services were you requested (mobile development, testing, project management)? Can you share your opinion about pros and cons of developing an app with an internal team and 3-rd party companies? 

 I definitely sure that an answer to this question depends on the:
1) Market type
2) Type of the project 
3) Project budget and so on.  

What would you say about this case? 

Jatinder Singh

October 21st, 2016

Here are pros and cons of using external development agencies:
1. Get to market faster
2. Have a complete professional team that can develop your product with 100% dedication
3. Leverage their technology expertise to get through your technology dilemmas faster
4. Leverage the entire technology team as partners in the process
5. Use a disciplined approach of user research, UI design, front end and back end design, tech stack selection, development, QA, alpha and beta release

1. Upfront expense - though this can be managed by working with dependable offshore development agencies
2. Sooner of later, you have to go through transition and have your own team take over the project.

The biggest benefit of using dev agencies is that you go to market fast, leverage MVP to evaluate Product <> Market fit without losing much time, and you don't have to manage the work ethic of other co-founder or internal tech team that are getting paid with equity and have other responsibilities that delays your product launch. Also, if you do not know how the entire development process goes > where to start first and what to tackle next > then you will waste a ton of time learning something that has already been figured out to nth degree of precision.

I have a dev agency that helps entrepreneurs launch their MVPs. You can check out Empyres.com and SchedulePal.com as two examples of companies that we have helped launch their products. One of our clients actually started with us, then hired their own engineers, and then fired them all and brought the project back to us for completion.

The truth is, to get your product launched you have to spend money. It is a lucrative idea to have a bunch of engineers work on equity and help you test the entire risk of your product with "their" sweat equity, but the reality of that becomes apparent very soon even if you have excited engineers willing to work for you. Even if you hire your own engineers, find a way to pay them with hard cash beyond just equity to get them to finish off your project. Otherwise, talk to us. We have developed and launched PoCs from anywhere between $10K - $140K depending upon the complexity of the project.

Check us out at hatchplan.io; or email me at Jatinder at Hatchplan.io. If I write my contact information, FD will erase it anyway!!!
Good luck.

David Einzig

October 21st, 2016


My experiences have been consistent ... 3rd party developers have worked for me to develop proof of concept demos, etc, but if you want / need a long term sustainable solution to reliably build a business around, then internal developer(s), preferably with a vested interest in your business, is the only way to go.  

Ren FRSA CEO - Zymge

October 23rd, 2016

I don't think there's a generic answer. It depends on the developer. I've used on and off shore development houses, in house teams within the same programme and in-house teams that are part of the same, large, organisation. The experience has always depended on the quality of the team one is working with - especially the quality and frequency of communications. One of the great things about agile is the constant communication and sprints reducing risk. So in addition to looking what tech track record a team has you need to understand how you / your team are going to communicate with them - you should get at least some view of this during your selection process, the key thing here is to get the sales people out of the way (if there are any) and talk with the people who are actually going to be doing the work. 

Noah Gift Consulting CTO & Cloud Architect: I build teams, companies, products, cloud architectures and revenue.

October 23rd, 2016


One of the services I provide is to help companies do both.  I can provide the MVP or help with managing an MVP with a 3rd party.