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Do you pay a BYOD stipend?

Lesa Hammond Co-founder & CEO ProfHire, Inc.

June 6th, 2015

In a tech startup do you have a BYOD policy? Do you pay a BYOD stipend? If so, at what point in the company's revenue cycle do you start paying for BYOD and how much do you pay?

Craig Conlee

June 6th, 2015

This is a interesting movement with BYoD. Most large companies are asking employees to purchase their devices and the plan is covered. When the employee leaves, they don't ask for the device. But if you want to be one of those start ups that offers perks. It's really if it's the budget and what type of firm or culture you want to start. 

But if

Alex Kim Tech @ Chatgrid

June 6th, 2015

I saw following case, just for your information.
- pay $50 for BYOD initially. no pay after 1years later to new hire. (I think this was same for home broadband access 2000~)
- some state you might have to pay stipend. there was case in CA last year.
- some country culturally, you might have to pay stipend.

There are tools to help some of use cases. 

Karl Schulmeisters Founder ExStreamVR

June 7th, 2015

The thing is that paying for BYOD is currently taxable income.  So I you pay them $50 BYOD that needs to go on their income statement. 

A company that gives employees a "budget" with which to buy their ideal device or a device from a "whitelist", doesn't have to do that unless the employee leaves with the device before the device has zero value.   Now the question arises as to when the device has zero value and that's a tax accounting question that you need specific advice on.  One way I suspect its done is that the company uses the 3 year accel. Depreciation allowance.  (which is why a lot of companies are on a 4 year hardware refresh cycle).

OTOH, if you don't do a BYOD stipend, I have no incentive to bring my device in.  And I will in fact expect you to provide me with a device appropriate for doing my job, just like you would provide me with a desk.