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Do you think extended offsites will become a thing post COVID?


May 23rd, 2020

Now that WFH is a thing and companies are saving big on office rent, do you think they will go on extended work trips to Hawaii or Bali and rent a villa for the team and work from there for few weeks to a month? Like they could incorporate yoga and meditation and hiking trips so it doubles up as team bonding + getting shit done.

If you're a CEO/founder/working in HR, let me know if this is something your company is considering

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

May 23rd, 2020

I disagree that companies are saving rent with WFH. No, exotic travel is not cost-saving, and infrastructure is too important to getting work done to be isolated and distracted by surroundings. A huge percentage of people are not as productive WFH, so savings in rent is offset by more inefficient work habits.

For those interested in this lifestyle (and it is a lifestyle choice, not a business choice), there are already a number of work-from-anywhere agencies that book destination stays by the month.


May 28th, 2020

From the employer's point of view, it doesn't matter whether the team is bonded or not until it is delivering the things. Why would any employer spend anything for the enjoyment of an employee?

Maxi moon Founder and Project leader of Trusted Animal Files, out of the box thinker, integrity

June 1st, 2020

OMG. I'm only reacting because the answers so far will give you a wrong impression but it is true that companies aren’t saving that much on rent (that really depends in which country you are in and under which regulations you are as an employer).


Ask 100 CEOs and Hiring managers of successful upcoming tech companies and they will tell you that their plan is to implement more of FHW if they aren’t already 60 percent remote! Just look at Mark Zuckerberg's interview last week. (He is implementing permanent WFH in the course of the next 5 years for a vast majority of his staff). Also:

A. Enabling your staff to benefit from incentives in nice locations is a business choice for many of those companies

B. Team bond matters and there are quite a few companies that care for their staff. I do and I know of long-lasting old companies that do to. I myself benefitted from excellent treatment. Personally, I dislike excessive teambuilding but the fact that it even exists shows that companies tend to invest in it.

C. In the European Union new laws on Carbon Emission passed as well. Thus, avoiding commuting and losing several hours in a traffic jam not to mention savings on parking is another advantage to WFH. Most pure productivity jobs can be done by machines. It takes skilled humans to operate, maintain and further develop in creative ways.