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Does anyone have any tips on how to setup a small development team in India to help prototype ideas?

Ajit Gupta Entrepreneur

September 8th, 2013

I have two ideas which after doing some market research may have the potential to lead somewhere.  I want to develop early prototypes to prove the technology and use for demonstrations to either VC or to bring on the appropriate subject matter expertise. One of my partners is a strong (but part time) developer and I am a good architect. Ideally want to hire three good developers (happy for them to be at university) for two months to help me with the above. 

Sarthak Dudhara Software Engineer, Problem Solver, Simplifier

September 8th, 2013

Hi Ajit, 

I can help you with that. I have a team of developers in India who can work on developing the prototypes. Please send me an email on or call me at 408-507-1832. 

I have had experience working as an engineer with startups that have successful exits and am passionate to bring ideas to life. 

I am also moving back to India on September 27th. We can do an in-person meeting if you are interested in exploring more. 


Ranjit Sawant Product Management and Marketing at Vaayoo Inc

September 8th, 2013


Check out Vaayoo does exactly what you want but without the Hassles of setting dev center, worry about iteration and without huge costs.

Entrepreneurs come to vaayoo with ideas. Product managers from vaayoo then brainstorm the ideas with entrepreneurs giving feedback on business model , market etc. Vaayoo then engages its award winning designers to come with UI designs and iterate those designs with the entrepreneur. Once the designs are approved by the entrepreneur, vaayoo engages a team of developers and testers to develop the app iteratively within 6 to 8 weeks. A build is sent to entrepreneur Every week for testing new features. Once the  entrepreneur accepts the build it is published to app stores.

All this is done at low monthly costs which the entrepreneur starts paying after he accepts the final build. The low monthly costs include feature upgrades, hosting ,bug fixes etc. Vaayoo acts as a CTO office taking care of all technology issues. You don't have to worry about hiring right dev, test, or some one leaving etc..Vaayoo has launched about 22  successful startups with ideas from dev, architects, PM, airline pilots, sales men, teachers, businessmen,  etc. We know what works and what does not.

If the idea does not work in the market you stop paying vaayoo and you move on to the next idea. This way you have lowest costs and low risks. 

If  you want to talk further call me at: 980-722-5857.


Ranjit R. Sawant
Vaayoo - Got Ideas..Launch your startups successfully with no upfront costs and lowest risks
mobile: 980 722 5857

Aravind Nirmal Kumar Formally Informal

September 9th, 2013

Hey would love to discuss with you about your project, let me know if you are still looking for some developers.