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Does anyone here know about/heard about/participated in a Celebrity Connect event?

Isabel Fernandez

March 16th, 2016

Celebrity Connect emailed me after finding my page on FB through a search. 
I wanted to know if anyone here as ever been to one as a sponsor, know anyone who has, or has heard about the company itself, Celebrity Connect. Any input is greatly appreciated!

THANKS in advance for your thoughts :-)

Here is the email:

My name is _______, I am the Associate Producer at Celebrity Connected. We specialize in connecting companies, like yours, to celebrities at gifting suites to celebrate various award shows. I wanted to reach out to you personally as I checked out your website and absolutely LOVE your products!

I would like to feature Bag Bug at one of our next gifting suites. You can expect to meet over 100 celebrities and chat, take photo/video, and promote your brand to each celebrity individually. Basic participation package includes a 10 x 10 show space, 4 passes to the gift event, and rights to media taken. The event information is as follows:

Honoring the MTV Movie Awards(R) on April 9th 2016 in Los Angeles

You will be personally gifting each celebrity and be able to gather media. You will own the rights to any media captured, so it is important to keep the camera clicking! In addition, you will also be able to ask the celebrities to endorse your business on various social media outlets where you will reach thousands of followers. If timing is an issue we do have a few more events this year as well.

Jerry Kavesh CEO 3P Marketplace Solutions

March 16th, 2016

I'm not familiar with this specific company but I am familiar with the pitch as there are a number of companies which provide this "service" and I've been pitched a number of times over the years.

Simply, these companies are typically looking for you to pay them for the right for you to provide Swag to Celebrities (though some companies will let you just provide the Swag).  

The pitch is you "may" get some PR benefit if the Celebrity is seen wearing or using your product. 

I believe in targeted PR campaign as part of our overall marketing strategy so have never participated in this kind of offer as I have never seen the value of a random program like this.  

Obviously each company needs to make it's own determination whether or not this is worth the investment of product, time and money.   

Richard Awni Project Management | Clean Energy | Solar | Go-To-Market | Emerging Technology | Branding I Marketing I Non Profit I HR

March 16th, 2016

I agree with Jerry above although I will add that it is a legitimate company there are often times good benefits to that type of promotion. If they are not asking you for money this might be a good idea.

Ema Chuku Product Developer. Founder.

March 16th, 2016

Never heard of them but my first guess is that might be legit.. The program definitely is. When I was in fashion industry, I get plenty of those invited/emails, however I never took advantage of them since I never justified the costs.. I would recommend do a little research  on them and ask for a book on their past events so you can research the companies they have worked with..

Angela Hartman Podcast Guesting/Monetization/Launch, Affiliate/Partnerships, New Media PR

March 16th, 2016

I've both participated as a vendor as well as worked with various producers on these type of gifting suites. However,  I have never worked with this company. I would say it depends on your marketing budget.  These type of events can result in a few good hits or absolutely nothing.  I've had both.  Few questions to vet:  1. How many of these suites have they done?  2.  Are they backstage at the event or a separate venue.  3.  What confirmations of attendance do they have?  (Many don't show even with a confirmed RSVP.)  4.  Fee to participate.  That should get you started...I would look at your yearly budget to determine if it would be worth it.  Keeping in mind chances are there will be no press coverage return but may result in some new connections.   ( When I worked with a accessory/handbag company -got 1 media hit from participating)