Drupal · Custom Google Maps API

Drupal for Google Maps API & Geolocating!

Lorace Deen Content Producer at Lorascope

May 12th, 2014

Is there a Drupal module that features use of the Google Maps API with geolocating abilities and/or customizable map options?  

Jasmine Alexander

May 12th, 2014

Drupal has two modules that can work together to integrate with Google Maps: https://drupal.org/project/gmap implements the Google Maps API within Drupalhttps://drupal.org/project/location stores location data within a Drupal node There's a few other modules that extend the functionality of these two, such as Geofield (https://drupal.org/project/geofield) and OpenLayers (https://drupal.org/project/openlayers).

Duane Nickull Chief Marketing Officer, Co-Founder at Cheddar Labs

May 12th, 2014

It is not hard to write one.  I have done many for clients.  Google maps has an easy to use API.  You basically have your developers create a new HTML page and then embed the map on the page.  If you need to get access to any data to overlay on the map, use PHP to gain access.

Why do you think you require a new module?  I can be reached at duane at nickull dot net if you want to discuss.