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Early adopters for closed beta testing

Nikhil Shah

August 26th, 2016

Having taken a concept that is working in a different country, we have created a tailored MVP to test the concept in the UK and would like to find about 200 users to test it on.

We also a website and a dedicated landing page built to try and gain email addresses for early adopters but are not sure of the best way to proceed now.

 We are on a low marketing budget so cannot afford to spend too much money advertising the landing page.

We are not ready to do wide reaching PR as the product still needs to be tested. In addition there is the (small) worry of competitors learning about us before we would like. 

Given the constraints I can think of the following options

1. Friends and family. However it is a niche product and may not appeal to a general demographic. 

2. Create a special media following and then periodically try to direct some traffic to our landing page. Although this doesn't seem to be yielding any results. We have 80 followers on Twitter and a tweet generally results in about 1 extra person looking at our landing page.

3. Use paid social media advertising to attract web traffic to the landing page but this seems expensive and not sure if that's how to get the best early adopters. 

4. To write a few blog articles around the idea and pay to have them featured as guest posts on established blogs, to advertise for Beta users.

We are a UK centric product and service for the moment so need our testers to be within the UK. 

If anyone has any advice it would be much appreciated! 


Peter K Chen Software/Growth Engineer

August 27th, 2016

Since it's a tailored MVP you can focus on building growth engineering scripts to target those tailored users by demographic, location, platform, profile, etc.

Rob G

August 26th, 2016

are you selling to consumers or businesses? When you say "tailored MVP"... tailored to whom? presumably you are solving a problem for some defined customer.  Presumably you did activities to test product/market fit prior to building your MVP.  what tests did you do and with whom?  

Define your ideal customer/user very narrowly, learn where they congregate and GET OUT OF THE OFFICE go talk to them.  Later you can expand the user/customer profile.  Yes, face to face interaction can skew some results, but what you gain (like connections and networks in your target audience and feedback and suggestions and relationships, etc.) by having conversations with them far outweighs the downside of skewed data.  No one knows how to reach your target audience better than your target audience. Define them, find them, go talk to them. 

Viktor Dmytrenko Digital Marketing Manager at Ubertesters

September 9th, 2016

If you have aconcept that is working in a different country and you plan to use test your project worldwide you need to have:
1) A strong team of professionals
2) They should have real devices / laptops that are popular on a specific market.

I strongly recommend to request testers at some specific sources like http://ubertesters.com/need-testers or https://www.applause.com

Nikhil Shah

August 31st, 2016

Hi Rob, 

I appreciate your feedback. 

We did some surveys within the UK amongst friends and family to gauge Product Market fit with positive results. We also took the success of similar companies in similar markets to be a positive sign.

We are a money saving / expense tracking service so I can target money saving groups and forums online. In terms of speaking to ideal users face to face (tech savvy, money conscious) let me know if any ideas. 

We will be talking to Friends and Family face to face to gauge their response when they use the product of course.