Event of interest - Business Model Generation Using Community and Design

Hayden Tay Marketing and Customer Success Manager at ChargeSpot Wireless Power

February 4th, 2013

Hey everyone,

Our partner/supporter Microsoft BizSpark is hosting an event that we
thought would be of significant interest to many of you. The event is
titled *Business Model Generation Using Community and Design *and features
a panel of speakers from AirBnB, Klout, Learn Capital, BabelVerse and

The event will be on Feb 25, 6 to 10pm PST in Mountain View, CA. If you
can\'t make it in person, there should be livestreaming available - more
details to come.

To register, visit

This sounds like an awesome learning opportunity, so be sure to take


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A great idea is 1% of the work. Execution is the other 99%. In this course, we’ll teach you how to conduct market analysis, create an MVP and pivot (if needed), launch your business, survey customers, iterate your product/service based on feedback, and gain traction quickly.