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Exceptional explanatory presentation to trigger viral effect?

Stan Zhekov CEO, Reverd.com | Looking for Software Architect co-founder

November 11th, 2019

What kind of explanatory materials / presentations can help you understand the fundamental differences and efficiency of the Reverd automatic scam blocking system?

What would make you say:

“Hey this is what I always wanted. Automatic protection from unwanted harassing phone calls. I do not need to move a finger. Neither have I needed to look at my phone. I will forget about scam once and forever and scammers will forget that my number exists. All this for $0.99 / month…”

Do you want to see videos, graphics, info-graphics like this https://reverd.com/about/how-it-works or just texts...

What would grab your attention, what would convince you, what would make you tell others… how can we trigger viral effect...?

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

November 11th, 2019

From marketing, there is no way to CREATE a viral effect. Viral spread ONLY occurs naturally, because something is actually incredibly fun, useful, remarkable, and NOT because someone designed a campaign to spread. You might have people promise viral response, but they themselves are scamming you. Certainly prepare your campaign to be shareable, but you can't predict the next "Where's the beef?!"

If you want to stand out from other apps in the same space, be the purple cow (read the book of that name by Seth Godin). Show real comparison data. Persuasion marketing requires three elements.
1) personal benefit
2) dramatic difference
3) reason to believe

Most persuasion fails #2 because a dramatic difference isn't 20%, it's more than 50% different than competitors. Convenience is never a reason to switch.

Don't try to succeed by being -er (better, faster, cheaper, easier, etc.) in competition. Instead, concentrate on where you are first, best, or most.

Good luck.

Peter Pantilla Online Solutions & Project Management Guy

November 12th, 2019

Focus on the value that you are bringing to your target market, and develop that need in the mind's eye of the reader.