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Expanding Digital Media Distribution, Any Suggestions?

Manolis Sfinarolakis

May 18th, 2014

We are looking to get more exposure for our videos and wondering what others have found successful in terms of increasing viewership?  Does anyone have a system in place with their digital content distribution networks that they can share?

Currently, we use Google Plus for our show in a Hangout on Air Format.  We use our social media channels to broadcast before, during, and after the program, and we use Meetup.Com / LinkedIn as well to send out mass group emails of when we host our events.

Any other suggestions on ways to get views in a manner that is able to be scaled?

Manolis Sfinarolakis

May 19th, 2014

Thank you very much Manny!  Totally agree with your comment on our website and we expect to have our redesign completed shortly.  We are also looking to generate a lot of buzz for what we do through out own crowdfunding campaign to not only create more buzz / content, but to increase our viewership / brand exposure.

How did you know about Thubten?  Did you see the last interview we had with him?

Manolis Sfinarolakis

May 23rd, 2014

Thank you very much Patrick! looks spectacular.  We agreed that we need to put our videos more up front, and we are releasing the 2nd version of our website shortly to make sure that part of our content is front and center.  Will let you know once we get it up so you can check it out.  Your feedback is much appreciated.

We will certainly be buiding up a channel as well on one of two of the platforms you mentioned above.  Currently our only channel is YouTube and Google Hangouts, but we need to expand that to get a broader reach.  Thanks again!

Manolis Sfinarolakis

May 19th, 2014

Such a small world.  Please tell him I say hello and that I will be reaching out to him soon.  He was a perfect guest.  He invited close to 500 people to the Live Google Hangout Broadcast...the only guest to use his personal contacts in that manner.  Great guy!

Manny Acevedo Business Systems Analyst & Entrepreneur

May 18th, 2014

No. trade secrets ;)

Seriously. I would suggest that you check out Daniel Garland'd course called " Creating Awesome Interviews"  It may be pretty basic, but in promoting online content, the basics and consistency are the key. He does a great job explaining how he does it. 

I have no idea what you are doing now, but if your show is about crowdfunding, and you're not leveraging your guest's network and reach, you should start there. Especially Thubten, he's got a big list. :) 

A thing I really noticed, your website has NO video on the front page. Nowhere can I EASILY click and watch a show ( even the shorts you have on took too many clicks).  If you have a video show, you need to get people engaged right away with video. Make the process of watching a video so simple  a blind monkey would know what to do. This is even more important when you use the words "TV" in your name. 

For video distribution you really only need Google hangouts & Youtube for now. You need to get the promotion machine humming  across all of your properties first.

You'll need to test and validate your content. 

Patrick Gidich .

May 22nd, 2014

Perhaps building a Roku Channel, Amazon Fire App, XBox One app, Video Podcast Feed etc would all make your content accessible to people who are may want to watch your videos.

I think that the approach Revision3 has taken seems to be a good model for you to follow.

In checking out your site, i'd also suggest putting your video upfront, if video is central to what you're doing make navigating your videos easier and more accessible.