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Recommendations and experience with VOIP systems like 8x8, Nextiva, Ringcentral

Vijay MD Founder Chefalytics, Co-owner Bite Catering Couture, Independent consultant (ex-McKinsey)

October 6th, 2014

Have a sales room with 3 salespeople and an assistant.

Looking for recommendations on a VOIP system with IVR, extensions, etc. Softphone ok. Using their cell phones not ok (bad reception). Have ATT Uverse (15 Mbps download, 1Mbps upload) in an area without better internet options.

We're having massive problems with current system - Jive - dropped calls, crackly phone quality, delayed echoes, etc.

Looking for experiences with other providers. Would anyone recommend a system that's worked well for them? (consideration set is RingCentral, Nextiva, 8x8 at the moment)

Also, we're having trouble with background voices audible to customers. Do any of you have a good noise-cancelling headset that works well in a sales/ call center environment? We've tried the Jabra Biz 2400 and plantronics audio 478 and neither one seems to do well at reducing background voices.

Jon Blotner President at Gemvara

October 10th, 2014

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Daniel Ice

October 6th, 2014


We have 15 VOIP lines via Shoretel. We had them on a 50 mbs / 5 mbs up cable line. It didn't work well. We spent a lot of time trying to make it work. At the end of the day anything that doesn't have dedicated up and down (like a T1 or Fiber) will not work well for VOIP, especially if you are trying to do multiple calls. The reason is that these lines can't provide the Quality of Service (key term) needed. Technologies like DSL and cable allow for burst of data, which works well for web browsing, but not for realtime communication (phone calls) which don't require a lot of bandwidth but to require low latency and dedicated routes.

Here is a detailed article about VOIP stuff:

Ben Sharir Sr. eCommerce Consultant

October 6th, 2014

I use the plantronics 995 and Skype to make phone calls to regular phones. I used RingCentral in the past and they're pretty good too. -Ben Sent from my iPhone

Tony Daou Entrepreneur, Purchasing Professional, Engineer and Leader with Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Process Eng. experience

October 6th, 2014

Hello Dr. Goel, I am completing a project right now that converted a doctor's office from a hybrid VoIP system to a complete VoIP system from Crexendo. Consequently, I have learned much about the companies you mention below because I talked to each of them during my multilevel examination of providers. Those that you mentioned are good companies each having their own strengths and weakness that a "requirements" document could help you sift through the companies to narrow the field to a few that you believe could meet your needs and expectations. We chose Crexendo for some specific reasons that may or may not be important to you--hence the "requirements document." As for dropped calls and poor quality, the first thing I notice in your status/configuration for bandwidth is on the low side for Upload speeds; i.e. 1Mbps--this is probably the minimum required bandwidth for just a few phones but might be weak if your network loads up with traffic because that could be troublesome and leading to dropped calls and poor quality voice. However, if your network settings are set to give highest priority to voice data then the low bandwidth might not be in play. I recommend checking your router and switch options specific to Quality of Service settings to try improving what you have before dumping one provider for another. I am happy to help if you need to talk. Reply to me directly and I will tell you what I know and hopefully that will help you will to make a better decision regarding going forward. tonyd

Paul Bostwick

October 6th, 2014

(I somehow posted a blank post... sorry about that if it got to you)

On the sound suppression front: My wife enjoyed the BOOM noise cancelling headset. It was even BART noise suppressing.

Vijay MD Founder Chefalytics, Co-owner Bite Catering Couture, Independent consultant (ex-McKinsey)

October 7th, 2014

We were looking at the boom and the videos of it are impressive.  (Mike Elgan in a coffeeshop)

The reviews on Amazon are less than impressive...are they just the few bitter or are the quality issues something you've experienced as well?


BTW, we did test the Jabra Biz 2400 and background music was clearly audible and messed up the conversation.