Feedback on Startup Ecosystem Rankings of 900+ cities 100+ countries

Eli David

February 11th, 2018

as a side project to a global startup map I am working on, we have decided a year ago to accumulate the data and do research on the locations themselves. We built an algorithm that is ranking 900+ cities, and 100+ countries based on the data gathered on the map for the last 4 years. (You can see the ranking tables here, and switch between countries and cities )
I am no math genius, and surely not into statistics. Interestingly , since no resource like this currently exists in the world, it was covered by a few magazines globally (Hong Kong Economic, Business journals).
Considering the algorithm is pretty complex (I can still discuss it if you have questions), here is the feedback I need from you global trotters
1) Quick sanity check for the algorithm. When you check your city/country, does the ranking makes sense?
2) Considering that a resource like this doesn't really exist, and takes many resources to build and update, how would you monetize on it?