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Dale Grant

CoFounder & Enthusiastic Entrepreneur @Assert

My business partner and I left our developer/project management roles at a large consultancy firm because we wanted to work for ourselves. We know we will strive to provide the best possible customer service and direct all efforts to deliver above and beyond the quality of product that's expected. It's just finding those first few clients?

We haven't got a billion dollar idea so we want to build applications for people/businesses to start with!

We've worked on applications for several of the FTSE 100 companies.

I also managed a team of developers and managed a project.

Our skills are all with web-based technologies, Javascript & it's frameworks (angular, react).

So how can I find clients who are perhaps smaller than the ones we have worked for and can't afford the large consultancy firms so we won't have to compete with them and who would want to use us? I would obviously try to sell our past experiences, I just don't know who and where to approach the right people?

Any advice would be amazing, thanks very much.