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Finding the right cofounders after product has been built and pilots are underway?

Chris Heuer Futurist, serial entrepreneur and change agent

December 29th, 2014

As with most of you, it has been a long journey to get here. I am now nearing 2 years since leaving Deloitte Consulting and starting Alynd. With self-funding and now a few angel investors as well as angel freelancers, we've got a truly innovative collaboration solution that is simple to use and solves a real problem (creates accountability and supports self managing teams). There are a lot of other milestones to share but I'll skip the promotion to get to the point.

As I see it, I have 3 super important jobs that are my priority - product value, customers, fundraising. I also need to build the right team, but am so deep in the thick of it, haven't had time to invest here in cultivating the relationships I would like to buildor doing the interviewsto find the right cofounders to join the team. I know, I need to make team building an equally important priority, which is why I am reaching out here now.

So to get to the point, does anyone who is a bit further along in their early stage growth have any suggestions for finding the right people and building the team when there is so much other stuff to do? (other than cloning and time travel) I have heard of some services who do some of the leg work and pre-qualifying for you, but I haven't really found a service yet. Does anyone have any suggestions for getting better leverage here?

Dave Sifry Head of Product at Addapp Corp

December 29th, 2014


Ahhh, you have landed in that wonderful pace where you have to consciously make suboptimal decisions and be ok with them - The first one is, "Which of these 3 super important jobs is THE mist important?" A good way of thinking about this, is, "Which one of these jobs, if not done, will kill my company the soonest?" Then the next question that results is, "Should I be doing this now, instead of what I'm currently doing? and are there other people in the world who  can do this?" if so, then go do that, and try to hire someone to do what you used to be doing. If not, then you've got to go hire someone to do that job. My advice? Sounds like fundraising is the most important thing, and the key question is can someone else be doing that for you? (usually that answer is NO.) If so, then your plan should become clear.

Hang in there! Don't you love being a 5 ball juggler now?

Chris Heuer Futurist, serial entrepreneur and change agent

December 29th, 2014

As always Dave, your PHD in startups provides some amazing insights - that's exactly the way to frame the 'feeling' I've got into a more rational lens for decision making. Suboptimal decisions.  I've made it the last few months as a solopreneur to get to this point, I can wait a little longer, but I am pretty sure that the traction we are getting is setting us up for both revenue and funding fairly well, but I still want to do the prep to get a few good folks lined up who can really step up.

Andre Halley Chairman of the Board at Prevtec microbia inc.

December 29th, 2014

Hi Chris, Read your discussion on FD Discuss. Certainly would like to better understand what you are looking for.On holiday in Finland now. Back in Monreal second week of January. Perhaps we should talk then.  Regards Andre HalleyInternational Advisory Services LtdMontreal     +1 514 892 9262Hong Kong +852 9260 9262China +86 150 1253 8867  SKYPE ahalley   

Tony Clemendor Founder/CEO - GiftWow, Growth & Operations Guy, Startup Advisor

January 3rd, 2015

Chris, I'm going to fall a bit between Dave and Andre.  To answer your question, there are a few things you should be doing.  The first, per Dave, is deciding what needs to be done.  Not what YOU have to do, but what roles will you be recruiting for first.  What skill sets will they need?  Do these roles have rough titles?  Will they be employees, or co-founders?  Salaried or sweat equity-ed?

Whenever you mention that you are recruiting, it would be helpful if you could talk about WHAT you are recruiting.  Often the descriptions will help people think of candidates.

Even if you found a service to help, they would want the same info, so you need to sketch that out anyway if you haven't.  

What you have started looks interesting.  Good luck.