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Aleksandra Czajka Freelance Senior Software Engineer, Developer, Web Developer, Programmer - Full Stack

Last updated on January 8th, 2019

Hi Colleagues,

I'm a freelance Senior Software Engineer and have been working with start-ups on their web apps, mobile apps, desktop software, etc for 8 years (before that, I worked with corporations as a developer for 4 years). I have also started a few star-ups of my own. I would like to create a web series focusing on teaching non-tech founders about the start up world from the tech and freelance perspective. I'd love to know what non-tech (but if you're tech I wont fault you for it :-) founders would like to know from the tech perspective in this field and would appreciate ideas on the topics to include.

Some topics that I've already gathered as an example:

  1. Working with a freelance engineer - what to do to make assure a smooth working relationship and guarantee you get what you want - what to expect, how to structure the work, how to vet engineers, how to structure contracts, etc.
  2. Monetary estimates - different types of estimates, understanding lower vs higher estimates, fixed vs hourly, etc.
  3. Basics of web app and mobile app development that every founder should know
  4. Basic web, mobile, API, server and database security concepts
  5. How the web and mobile app development process works in corporations and why it differs in the freelance world - unnecessarily and necessarily.

Thank you for all ideas in advance!

All my best,


martin webb Founder Tudodesk (Looking for a marketer, sales, content builder)

Last updated on January 12th, 2019

My 5c worth...

1. You're about to get rich

So you have a big idea, your sneaking around quietly telling your freinds, and you can't sleep at on.

2. var setback="If only i could code" ;

You have a thousand scribbles, drawings and ideas but how do you build it?

3. The truth about the development business

It starts here, strap yourself in, it's going to get messy

4. blank paper, big ideas, MVP, KISS

The most successful app's had one thing in common they kept their idea simple and got launched. Keep all those idea's in your head, not in your developers in-box.

5. Why you're going to fail

So you thought "if you could build it you would get rich"? Read on...

6. Hookers, pimps, date nights and partnerships

Everything you need to know about finding a developer and how to make your marriage work. Where they meet, platforms you can meet them on and how to avoid cheaters.

7. But I have no money

Now for the truth, just how much is this going to cost and how do you pay them. The truth about start-ups, bootstrapping, raising money, giving equity and what it really costs to build and maintain your app.

8. When will it be finished, no seriously "when" will it be finished?

So you thought you would wake up one sunny morning and scream with joy your app is finished. Learning about development cycles, bugs, fixes and updates and why applications, websites and software are always "in-progress"

9. What you wished you had known from chapter 1

All the jargon busted. GDPR, Servers, Compliance, Contracts, Terms of use, DNS, CDN's, Node, SQL and coffee.

Nikhil Bhaskaran Healthtech smart products. IOT development (BLE & WIFI based solutions)

January 8th, 2019

Good platforms to find freelancers specifically in web technologies

shaik Jameel Leadership with technology experience

January 8th, 2019

Got to know about the info sessions. It's very great to see the passion of teaching, You can include the concepts related to 1) reaching to investors 2) understand about compliance and govt rules and acounting basics. For more info you can reach me out. Thank you

Steve Owens Startup Expert

January 8th, 2019

This is a great idea. There is so much misinformation out there about developing technology products for start-ups. If your looking for ideas, feel free to peruse my blogs - its all I write about. If you write anything, maybe we can add you as a guest blogger.