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FounderDating Education in Partnership w/ Teach for America

Jessica Alter Entrepreneur & Advisor

August 1st, 2012

We wanted to let you know about an exciting expansion we just announced: FounderDating Education in Partnership with Teach for America. FounderDating Education will help the growing number of innovative entrepreneurs in the education sector by connecting them with one another to find cofounders. It�s a direct expansion of the FounderDating platform (members will be a part of the same network) and our first vertical-specific initiative. In short, it's a round dedicated to education entrepreneur.
You can read more about it and share from Pando or our blog.

Don�t be confused by the name, members will join the broader FounderDating Network with you.  Here�s the quick facts.

Anyone can apply � from anywhere
High quality and balance �  the same rigorous evaluation process will be used by its education initiative to ensure high quality and balance by skill sets.
Interact online � once accepted, members will be part of the larger FounderDating Network, able to search (by interest area, skills, location, etc.) and interact with one another online.
Not just tech � we love tech, and believe it�s a key component to improving education from K-12 to lifelong learning. But we know education and learning isn�t just about technology and we welcome entrepreneurs who want to build schools, community initiatives, etc.
No idea necessary � as you know, we believe ideas change, people don�t so you don�t need to have THE idea, just be ready to at least work on a serious side-project.
FounderDating Education entrepreneurs will also be invited to an offline kickoff on September 20th in San Francisco (not mandatory, but certainly awesome). App deadline is 9/4.
You are super interested in education? Don't reapply (you're already a member) just fill this out and we'll follow up.
As always if know people you think are great fits, you can nominate them or just share to pay it forward.

Thanks,br> Jessica, Jessie & the FD Team

FounderDating: Ideas Change, People Don't
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Diana C

May 24th, 2014

hi Jessica;

I'm very  interested in joining the TFA/FD for education as that's my area of expertise....

In your post you say "just fill this out..."......can you explain what form/application you are referring to?



Tao Wang An Inventive,creative and practical entrepreneur

Last updated on February 4th, 2017

Hi Jessica, are there more meetings like this? Thanks.