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Hi All,

We are about to launch our b2b startup (live chat software) and am working on plan for creating awareness and generating leads/ signups. In beta, we had done SEO only and were able to generate around 40-50 signups per month in last few months.

Now as we are ready for commercial launch, below are some of the activities I have planned. Appreciate if you guys have better suggestions or feedback for both brand awareness and lead generation

1 Do a Press Release using a commercial newswire service (like PRnewswire)

2 Submit a 2nd PR to free PR Submission sites with good domain authorities (like PRlog.org)

3 Submit my product to Software directories. (like G2Crowd). I have list of 20+ directories. I can share with anyone if needed

4 Submit it to the B2B review portals or independent review sites depending upon my niche

5 Submit to startup directories (this may not add much value but as its free, no harm submitting)

6 Run a facebook campaign for brand awareness, content promotion (we wrote many blog articles so far which is giving us some good traffic)

7 Start a test campaign with limited budget (1000 USD) for Google Adwords. This would be helpful to test various keywords and optimize the overall funnel

8 Double our efforts on SEO. Need to add more keywords and focus on link building for long term success

9 Use a content distribution tool like Taboola/ Outbrain to distribute good quality content

I have listed out most of items I could think of. Appreciate others to pour in thoughts or any other ideas which they successfully executed for their startups.