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Global Entrepreneur Survey - Results to be Shared

Jeff Wallace President, Global Kinetics / Angel Investor / President & Managing Partner at The Batchery / EIR @ SKTA

August 9th, 2019

We are doing a global entrepreneur survey so that we can hear first-hand from founders about what they need to have their startup succeed. Completing the entire survey should take less than ten minutes. Please feel free to complete or share with startups you are working with. If you are interested, we are also happy to share the anonymized results with you. And we also have a special giveaway for one lucky participant. We’ll give away a free three-month membership in our virtual accelerator program, Silicon Valley in Your Pocket, including live weekly office hours and a personalized online deal room. This is a USD 2,000 value!

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Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

Last updated on August 13th, 2019

I'm curious. How is your survey accounting for the usual issue that the majority of founders don't really understand what they need? They may think they know what they need, but chronically it's a mis-perception. For example, the belief that more sales is the answer to their financial struggle is often revealing that what they NEED is to correct the product/market fit, not more sales to only partly satisfied customers.

You have likely encountered this yourself in your accelerator program, a lot of the value of joining an accelerator can to be able to refocus startups to improve deficient fundamental business skill areas. This is done through a discovery process. Founders don't know what they don't know until they're shown what they need.

The survey reads like you're attempting market research to refine your own menu of services for future customers of your virtual accelerator program. It seems like a preference list, not a way to analyze actual need. An analysis of demand for support services in tech startups is not addressing the broader category of entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs creating hard goods or offering services are going to crash out in the middle of the survey.

Good luck with your research.