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Mike Yoo Cofounder & CEO @b.plat LLC Patent issued marketing platform

August 22nd, 2018

What would happen when most people can subscribe newspaper, TV channels, and journals? Are those media free from dependency of advertisement income? I do believe Google's project of media innovation could succeed when media is being sustainably without Ads income.

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

Last updated on November 1st, 2018

Google relies (in part) on advertising revenue from Search in its business portfolio. They are diversified in their products so they can allow themselves to work in areas where there may be little or no profit. Google's ambition is to be the central hub for information, and if they have all eyes on them, it doesn't matter as much whether the dollars come from ads in the news content or some other path. Gmail is (mostly) free so people go to Google first, not because email is free. And because Google automatically scans the content of all your email to learn more about you. Instead of paying them with dollars for email, you're paying them with personal data. Don't believe for a second that because you're not paying with your own dollars that content is "free." The publishers maybe paying to have their content located on a specific channel, or another revenue stream may be feeding the piggy bank.

Mike Yoo Cofounder & CEO @b.plat LLC Patent issued marketing platform

November 1st, 2018

Thanks Paul,

Your point is so clear. I do believe so. But my questions is focusing on how to help Google's project, News Initiative. Even though google's ambition is not good for public, I do believe there are many media which is good for public. One of purposes of google's project, News Initiative is keeping sustainability to media. For the sustainability with unbiased stands, I would like to put some help to google's project. The model is the platform on that people can make money and put the money to media instead of advertisement for independency of the media.