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I found this article in Entrepreneur a useful discussion about "growth hacking" - one of the most overused buzzphrases here in Silicon Valley.

It seems to me this is primarily an online B2C story, and comes down to two main things: 
  • greater integration of sales and advertising into the product itself, e.g. the embedded ads in Hotmail to encourage sign ups, incentives (free storage by Dropbox) or game mechanics (engaging a crowd through surveys, votes and like buttons etc) 
  • rapid testing and prototyping - A/b testing etc to see what works and doubling down on the things that do. 
So, my question to this group - does growth hacking work for companies making B2B sales with slow, manual sales processes, rather than consumers clicking on links? I'm working with startups making most of their sales to senior living facilities and in-home care agencies, who are often off-line, and need to rely on traditional sales channels. 

Have there been successful models for 'growth hacking' these kinds of slow-moving B2B sales?