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Shakti Rathore Entrepreneur (New to it, working towards creating a prototype for a cool Idea)

January 25th, 2018


I am working towards a product idea of SAAS platform to target Services Industries providing Cloud Managed Services & DevOps, 24 x 7 Remote Infrastructure monitoring & management on various clouds (Top 3 Clouds)

I am currently documenting all the specifications that I need in the prototype. I have been in a full time job setting up similar services in organization providing similar services (Recent being TO THE NEW and in my earlier stints I have worked with Wipro setting up similar Cloud Managed Services).

My idea is to make a product which can ease work and cut down management time by 90% while providing similar services as the model I have thought of would be more beneficial for organizations consuming & providing services on cloud internally or externally.

What I need is guidance on how to go about creating a prototype? I assume I would need a designer to whom I can explain various functionalities and features that I need for drawing up mockups (Mockups of what I am trying to build).

That's the first step that I am planning to take. What I need need guidance is on is how did you go about it? As I am making a prototype I don't want to hire anyone and instead use a Contractor who can work with me for a week or two to draw the initial sketches based on my requirement. How to find a good designer working freelance who can help me with this?

As a second step, I would need guidance on how to file for a patent on this application/idea that I have thought up. Specifically,

1) How to file for a patent

2) Do I need to file patent only in India or US too as I do not need protect my business idea

3) I also need help on patent research to identify if a patent of similar sort (similar functionality has been filed in India or US or any other markets)

4) For instance, let's say if no-one has filed a similar patent then will filing for such a patent in India alone protect my idea across the globe or only in India? etc.

I am setting up this business (In ideation phase) in India and initially I would be targeting customers only in India (that will happen when I am able to get a prototype out) and once the prototype is successful and seems like a viable option then at a later stage will reach out to businesses across the globe (More of that later, as that is still far fetched)

Any general guidance on this would be much appreciated.

Thanks for taking out time on this and also do share some of your experiences around it as I am new to this and haven't done such a thing ever earlier (Setting up something of my own).


Shakti Rathore

Anne Li Life Sciences Patent Litigation Counsel, Crowell & Moring LLP

January 25th, 2018

Shakti, I can provide you some useful resources about patenting. Note: this is not legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship. The USPTO walks you through the steps for filing here (they also provide a phone number for people to call that is staffed by helpful folk who will answer your questions) You can file a one PCT application at any receiving office that will allow you to expand that into various countries. More information on that here: For searching out other patents, google patent is helpful or that same WIPO website can help, but is harder to use. Good luck!

Karthick Sundar Experienced CTO capable of building cost effective, high quality remote teams and robust software

January 26th, 2018

Here is my personal take.

I'd not worry about (right now):

- finding a ux person or a team

- patents / trademark

- product details, specification and design

- subcontracting or team building

- registering a company

I'd rather spend time on:

- market validation - analyze if there is a need for such a product in the market? Who are the potential users? What are their functions?

- Analyze the competitor products and do a detailed study of pros and cons of each of them

- Talk to potential users and see what they think of the existing products and your idea

- Find out if there is really a spot for your future product to fit in that users will actually pay money for

- Find out the payment model, support model and viability

- Find a cofounder if you are still convinced / can convince somebody

- Find the bare minimum use cases and try building a MVP (alone or a small team or freelancers)

- Market like crazy and get real users and iterate

- Build a strong team and move forward

It is a complex thing to do and I would highly recommend to not do it alone. Find partner(s) that complement your skills.

Good luck.

Shakti Rathore Entrepreneur (New to it, working towards creating a prototype for a cool Idea)

January 26th, 2018

Hey William, Please provide some information about the job you are looking for along with your skills and expertise. What are the things that drives you and what would you like to accomplish? I will be happy to help in any way I can?

Mohammad Amin Jan Technical CoFounder | Consultant | Let's Discuss Your Startup Tech Needs

January 29th, 2018

Regarding prototyping you can use or or I can help you in defining UI/UX for your app. Let's get in touch and discuss in details.