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Has anyone ever used Stackcommerce or something similar?


Last updated on February 12th, 2019

I'm launching a new consumer SaaS company soon and thinking of ways to acquire our first 100 customers. I've come across Stackcommerce and reached out to their team and it sounds too good to be true. They claim to get you listed in all of these top tech blogs like Mashable and over 5M other people. They take a significant portion of the revenue and require you to discount the product heavily. But there isn't any startup pretty much do a 50/50 split with them. Has anyone had any experience using a service like this?

Update: 2/11/19 - Though I still haven't gotten any response on this question, I am thinking about trying this out towards the end of March. I'll update here once it starts since I can see there are some followers here now.

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

February 17th, 2019

Your question is too specific to attract CFL member attention. The likelihood of someone here being both in the same business and considering the same service provider is extremely low.

Let's attack this a different way.

First, throw away the idea you want to hire an affiliate to do your selling for you. If you spend your resources doing two things, you won't need to hire Stackcommerce.

1) test your product-market fit and adjust as you discover is necessary

2) develop, test, and refine your sales process until a trained monkey could successfully sell your product

The reason Stackcommerce wants a 50/50 split is because they're assuming all the risk for your sales and have to do all the work to sell your product. If nothing sells, they don't lose anything, but you do. And you don't get to tell them how to sell your product. The big downside for you is that you're gambling that they CAN successfully sell your product, and that they'll make a real effort to do so. Meanwhile you wait for sales to come in and nothing happens while you continue to burn money on other things. When a sale does come in, there's no guarantee that the customer will stay with you, or that the process of becoming your customer will have made them happy, or that they fully understood what they were buying.

No one, absolutely no one, should start their first sales by using an external agent. If you haven't yourself made absolutely sure that you have product-market fit, no matter how many sales someone else makes for you, customers will be disappointed. And if you make the effort yourselves to build an unshakeable sales process, you won't ever need an external agent to sell your product, unless you want to adjust your business model to allow affiliates and trade that for the way profits are divided.

Yes, there are financial burdens of building your own sales team, but they're far less risky when you invest in your marketing (product fit) first, and then perfect your sales process with the owner being your primary salesperson until you can't live without help selling.

I point this out mostly because you're talking about your first customers. How do you know you're ready to start selling? You might feel you're ready, but I'm asking how you know for sure.