Finding cofounders

Has anyone found a cofounder on this site? If so, how much time did it take and what do you suggest are the best ways to find your ideal cofounder?


December 11th, 2018

I like to understand the time frame that took people to find their cofounder. Many people start a company along with coworkers but it cannot always be done that way. So, how do you find cofounders outside? I have tried for sometime and it has not worked. People we know personally are not the right ones a sthey may not have the right skills.

I have other partner who has invested some amount but working part-time along with a full time job is going to be very hard. Ideally looking for someone who can really work full time along with me, who is passionate about making a difference in healthcare field to take this forward faster. I like to know the best ways to find cofounders and the time frame it has taken others here on this platform.

Marc Kelly Serial tech co-founder

December 11th, 2018

I have found 2 co-founders here (technically FounderDating, the predecessor to this site), and both of them reached out at times when I wasn't really expecting it or active. In my limited experience, you probably need to be pretty aggressive in reaching out to others rather than waiting for someone to find you.

Andrew Chalk Co-Founder of a startup. CEO of a startup. CTO of a Hedge Fund. Quantitative Researcher. Superb COO.

December 12th, 2018

You make a good point. A gap in the site is that it does not show business links between members, particularly those forged on the site.

Dane Madsen Organizational and Operational Strategy Consultant

Last updated on December 14th, 2018

Before we can help, we need to know why you are looking for a cofounder. Is this a real partner or is it just optics? What does this role mean to you; are you deep into the hard decisions together or is this really an employee? What are you willing to share with the other person to make it worth it for them (significant equity)?

Mr. Kelly Johnson Hello

December 13th, 2018

Not me, this is an international site with a relatively small number of users. The chances that there are more than just a couple people on this site anywhere near your location are slim. Of that couple people, the chances of them being the right fit are even slimmer. Of that person in your area that might be a good fit, what are the chances they want to be on your team instead of probably why they are here to find a co-founder for their idea?

It does happen, don't get me wrong. But the question isn't how long it will take, but if it will happen at all.

As far as i'm concerned, this site is almost pointless for actually finding a Co-founder. You would have more luck stopping random people on the street for a chat/ network.

Or better yet, take advice from the strong and exceptionally helpful community here on how to find a co-founder in your area. The community here is actually very responsive and helpful. It's well worth your time to browse previous threads too.

Aji Abraham Proven Tech Cofounder, open to new ventures

December 13th, 2018

I found a co founder 3-4 years back on this site. We developed a real estate tech startup and operated for some time. We had some traction and some wins. But could not get funding to take it to the next level. So decided to wind down. Overall it was a great experience even though it was not financially rewarding.

As Marc suggested you need to be reaching out to others. At the same time you should be aware of what you are offering to the new startup.

robert chiu experiences and dedication

December 13th, 2018

Great! I am just thinking to post the same question here. I am looking for an AI/ML cofounder, but could not find one in my personal connections/resource. By reading some replies here, I think I will look harder offline.