Has anyone had success securing a technical co-founder? How have you done it?

Anh Dao Web and Mobile Developer

January 4th, 2017


I have been developing a dating app, and from the feedback of my users, I think there is a very good chance this product can make it out there because the way I position my product just makes it "stand out", but the market is quite competitive and demanding.

This is why I think I alone won't be able to iterate the product fast enough to prove the concept by myself.

So I was thinking of looking for developers to join me, but you know... as strange as it sounds, I don't have developers friends who have the skills I want lol. Or they don't have the entrepreneurial spirit.

I really don't need anybody else but another developer. I have got the marketing and sales skills needed for this type of product.

I can't pay the full salary, of course.

I am thinking of looking for students or 2nd degree contacts (introductions).

What has your experience been with finding a technical co-founder?