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Have you used an app development agency at idea stage and what was the experience?

Huanita Wallace Founder StreetWize App

January 27th, 2018

I have written out everything what my app should do. I have no technical knowledge and looking to engage an app development company who can help me on the way. I’ve been quoted anything from £5000 to £30000 for a clickable prototype incl landing page. Looked at companies like Hyper, Appster, Netsells, Fuelled, etc.

Has anyone gone through similar journey and would like to share advice?

syed ali Cofounder and strongly believe learning is a life long process. I am a proud everyday learner.

February 2nd, 2018

Hello Huanita,

I was in the situation. So here what I did. I started to look for a co-founder with technical skills. Once I found a co-founder who had the same vision as I did. He joined as our startup as CTO and started focusing on the technical aspect. By doing this you are taking care of two important issues ahead of you.

1. Your co-founder can help you decide choosing a vendor to do your development work, negotiate for rates, terms, project deadlines and more importantly vetting them.

2. When you are raising funds it will be hard to justify if you do not have technical side. Especially if your business is a technology driven business model. In this case your CTO can cover any technical question and you can cover the business and process related questions.

Hope I was able to shed some light. If you have any question or concerns feel free to reach me at


Giammarco R Casanova CEO & CoFounder of Washery, physics student and NGO advisor on a European level

Last updated on January 30th, 2018

Hi, my personal suggestion would be to define in the most detailed way possible every interaction on the app and possibly to give mockups and/or wireframes to the developers. The more detailed you are the better the result will be.

You could also try on Upwork or Freelance platforms and try to get a quote, prices will surely be much cheaper but you need to continually follow the developers and give feedback on every step otherwise you'll end up with something that doesn't fit your needs.

Lastly, a technical suggestion, if your app doesn't need complex animations or specific features such as Augmented Reality or 3D it is worth taking a look at hybrid apps, built using web technologies, as the development needs to be done once and then works for all platforms.

Karthik K CEO, Skcript (

January 31st, 2018

Prior to starting my consulting company, I used to talk to a ton of companies to build and iterate my idea. My personal suggestion would be to talk to multiple companies first (which you have done in this case), and get a proper quote. I would definitely say that £5000 to £30000 is a bit too high for just a clickable prototype. There are some very good quality companies who can do the same for much better price and quality.

Your best choice would be to create a quick prototype (by hand) yourself, and send it to companies who you trust (after signing the NDA). This makes it easy for the companies to iterate on top of it and get things done faster for you.

Ketul Sheth Business Head at Techcronus - a fast growing IT solutions company

Last updated on May 21st, 2018

Hi Huanita,

I would suggest that you should give some details to any agency about your ideas and wants then give them a chance for POC project to check whether are up to the mark or not.You should talk to very few agency who is willing to show you their work.Max to max 5-6 agencies.

The agency who is interested to make you client will suggest different ideas of engagement.

Czarina Harris Founder of Note Inc Media Ltd, Dir. of Curriculum for NoteSchool, Product development

Last updated on February 1st, 2018

For a prototype, I am doing the wireframing myself (I have some design skills with Adobe) and then I am hiring a UI designer on Fiverr or Dribbble to give it some polish. Upwork is another place to hire freelancers, but I prefer to have a set price so I know what to expect.

You didn't mention this, but is your app formatted to be a MVP? Or are you giving these developers the 100% finished product idea? That makes a big difference in price as well.

I will say that having no design or technical knowledge is putting you at a disadvantage. A prototype should never cost $30,000. A MVP, certainly. I would look into a consultant to help you navigate things and definitely check out the courses CoFoundersLab has to offer.

Nikoloz Nikolaishvili CEO SeedFactory (

January 31st, 2018

Try to focuse not only on money company asking for their work. More important thing is are they going to support you in the future. If they don't have any motivation for the future, but only get cash for development I'm not sure it will be best product