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Hello everyone, I am looking for some information about investors

Mihai Lazar Founder & CEO - Soundwaves Tattoo Studio & App

October 27th, 2020

Hello everyone, I am looking for some information about investors and investment, the situation is a little complex and I would like to have 10 minutes of somebody who already passed that steps, is anyone here who can share a little from their time to discuss this?

What I wanna know is,

  • If the company is already registered and has the revenue we are in the Seed or Pre-seed step?
  • It's important the country where's the company registered?
  • How much equity should we share for a specific amount in the first steps and how does equity/share work?
  • And a little more but this will go naturally in a discussion.

Thank you and success everyone.

Fred Cohen We help grow companies

October 27th, 2020

Seed vs. Pre-seed - these terms are, at this point, nearly meaningless. At one of our recent GoToAngel sessions we asked investors, and their definitions ranged from $15K to $2M investment ranges, and none said anything about sales/traction/etc.

Historically, according to statistics, 70% of investment is "local". Also, many folks in the US will only invest in US entities. On the other hand, those of us with global networks invest globally. But not in N. Korea, Iran, etc.

Equity for investment is a complex question of valuation. You will need expertise to address this, as there is no generic answer to valuation.

IF you want to get feedback and answers to these sorts of questions, the best place I know is - read the free articles and watch the free videos.

If you want to present and get more extensive feedback:

Cashisav ltd CEO Currently looking for co founder who can inject capital into a existing business

October 27th, 2020

Seed since you have a working product and revenue

Yes, no one will invest in companies based in cayman islands etc .Try having it based in a legit country.

That is hard question to answer with no info .

Jett T. Angel investor, startup advisor, entrepreneur, ideator, engineer, published author, producer, ...

October 28th, 2020

Hi Mihai,

1) That really depends on the business, how much revenue you are generating and how much money you have already raised, among other things.

2) Yes

3) DM me, happy to chat.

Mihai Lazar Founder & CEO - Soundwaves Tattoo Studio & App

October 28th, 2020

Thank you all, our company is already registered in Romania and I wanna know if would be a better idea to re-create this company in UK or any other more "IT and global" country.

Jett i would love to chat a few minutes but I don't see you I can contact you here or lkdn.

And also, at this step, 40.000 users already & revenue (but the revenue is little because I'm the only one in this company who do all the stuffs, sales, marketing, management and administrative) for our next step the idea is defined and we have some wireframes/mockup but it is really necessary a MVP? If yes, is there a way to found somebody help me create the mvp for equity?