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Help me to understand the domain name game?


December 4th, 2015

I am new to E-commerce domain. I have a domain name & but the same name is already registered in .com and that is french company and they are operating in Paris only. If I want to startup with India can i do that? Will .com can harm me if i give a try? Investors will come and fund me in this scenario?

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December 5th, 2015

I don't agree with Surender that using a .in domain will cause confusion, provided that you ONLY offer service in India. The minute you expand to another geography you will have the problems Surender mentions. That's why works - it's an Indian-specific solution.

However, what a lot of startups are doing these days is simply adding the word "app" to their domain name, so yours could be, which is available. is also available, which is another common startup trick.

Good luck with your launch!

Surender Natarajan

December 5th, 2015

If you want to start a product in same name with .in India, it might just create confusion. Every time you promote the product, you would have to stress on that its .in domain not a .com domain. So its better to start the product in different name. 
Regarding Investors, they usually look into your product and team, and along in every meeting with investors you would need to explain them you started when .com was already there.
Along with that, if that company wants to expand to India, you might have to face trademark issues as they have got the name and domain before you started. 
So You would be spending unnecessary amount of work and effort for a domain name, though you should be spending time in expanding your business.


December 5th, 2015

Thanks Surender T N

But i wounder than how works? 

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December 5th, 2015

Make the change now or add a word to make it uniquely yours. Check www. website for trademark searches to make sure no one is using it in the US. This will save you a ton of money! 

Nikos BEd Founder at Startup Co. 360

December 5th, 2015

Ok so I would like to say that your focus should be on brand not on a domain. I have been consulting on this for a long time. Everyone gets caught up on this.  You can have the same domain but then your brand needs to differentiate... its not a smart idea because once you establish brand you need to out grow the other company once you go international. You then also get into legal issues based on incorporation and trade marks etc..further that your potential investors will see this as a problem and you will need to have a definite solution by then... 

I would focus on branding and make sure you develop a proper strategy to for international growth if you are planning on investors jumping in.  


December 5th, 2015

Karl Schulmeisters .... Let me correct you, I have both the domain names registered. Actually I've not attached my domain names with hosting that's why it shows on the name of godaddy. 

Thanks to all of you for your feedback. 

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December 6th, 2015

Two things: (1) Idea with (2) credible/convincing execution - those are what gets investors ... everything else is ancillary. Credible/convincing execution is the most critical factor by far.

With your stated business plan .in and .us are too limiting, but as per your question ... if you have the two factors above along with some good personal investment then you can tell investors that your domain is just a placeholder and the real domain is forthcoming.

Also, don't have multiple domains. Pick one (with the right TLD ... .com is best) and make it universal for all countries and venues. There are more reasons for doing this than I can list. It is also true that the sooner you do this the better off you are.

There are great guides online for how to get a great domain name, but know this: it takes a lot of effort, *or* a lot of money ... they key is to be flexible and think "out of the box". Good luck!

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December 6th, 2015 and are available. And is not going to cost you traffic - indeed if you have the money, they'll probably sell.

Rodney Frost Training Media Specialist

December 6th, 2015

I have been creating websites and setting people up with domain names for some time.  The advice I give them is to "not create frustration for your customers". Your choice should be free of as many obstacles as possible, yet intuitive to the customer.

Think of it like this, what name can i apply to my website that either describes my service or reflects my company name that can be passed along to my customer verbally without confusion.
This works because you'll see that it eliminates the potential difficulties someone might have when typing in the address.

Here are the potential hazards of name choices:
1) Spelling - CheckDeal = ChequeDeal 
2) avoid hypens and underscores as you'll be constantly having to explain the correct punctuation in your advertising or customer conversations
3) avoid having numerous website addresses unless it resolves an issue that is unrelated to the website address itself and is absent of the hazards in this list.
4) avoid lengthy domain names. If i'm not mistaken this one is still for sale - 
SuperCaliFragelisticExpiAlidocious :-)
5) Avoid using country suffixes as you won't be able to address all of the possibilities as you company does business around the world.
6) Keep in mind that your website address is both: a technical way to properly direct people to your business, and a brand unto itself.  When acquiring trademarks the website address should be on your list. Having numerous addresses makes this unfeasible.
7) avoid phonetic variations that might hurt your reputation 
I.e. =

there are a few more but you get the gist.

1) get a domain name you're happy with as it will do everything you want it to do.  Today's Domain Name Servers "DNS servers" do all the work for you. 
If your customer is in India or Canada the website works for both, and the servers can identify where the customer lives.  Once on the site, you can offer translation etc.
2) Sub-domain re-directs - once your customer arrives at your site, you can use redirects to send them to the specific portion of your site that contains products/services/language specific to the customers needs.  is a sub domain of your address
3) purchase existing domains.  Lookup who currently owns the site you want in a Whois.  Look specifically at the registration date and the renewal date. 
If these people have been doing business with this address for some time, and/or have purchased years upon years of ownership you probably won't get the site cheaply. If the site is currently owned by a host mongering service, you won't have many options once you do purchase the domain as some limit you to only selling if you host your website with them

4) Get creative with your domain. you don't have to stick to the 2 words of your product.  I.e.   123CheckDeal 

Finally: The choice for a business website address can be as crucial as any of the decisions which can make/break your business.

Get help if you do not understand the advice provided to you in these responses by myself or others above.

Good Luck

P.s. become friends with a website developer who understands this process.
Take them to dinner. buy them a beer, or simply pay for an hour of their time.
The results will be worth the investment.

Nathan Florut Blogger, domain investor, creative mind

July 25th, 2021

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