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Sean Usman

Founder & CEO at Jollitot, Inc.

Hi Fellow Entrepreneurs,

I have been doing a lot of research on hiring the right developer to add to our team. During that process we decided to go the freelancer route. During my online research I found one of the best complete resources on the subject that I would love to share with you all if that is ever of interest to you at

Our situation is that we have a specific project to hire for and looking for the best fit to get the job done. The best case scenario in the future is that this developer is an awesome fit. They are excited about the company, the products that we are building, and the problem we are solving. They are so excited that they decide to join our team to lead and build the rest of our software platforms.

The difficulty I'm having is should I focus my energy on local talent or broaden my search to remote developers? There are pros and cons to both. I have experienced them with my prior engagement with developers in India which has been difficult to say the least.

This time around I want to build a much stronger relationship with the developer that has the potential to grow into something more meaningful to the company. It just seems more difficult to do if you both are a long distance apart and can only communicate through video chats and emails. I'm kind of a people person and have to physically see and talk to you from time to time especially if it is as important as helping build our flagship product.

What are you thoughts?