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Hiring a CTO/Product Head with no experience in Technology

Veda Pragna Founder and CEO @Fernwehker | Growth Manager | Travel and Sustainability Enthusiast

February 3rd, 2021

Can anyone help me understand how I can approach in finding someone who can help me in mobile application development and management?

I think this might be common case:

I have a very good business idea and started working on this idea a couple of weeks ago. I hired the growth team for my start-up and a design team to prepare the UI/UX part of the application. I personally have experience in these two fields and had no difficulty hiring for these roles. But now it is time for me to start working on the mobile(android and iOS) application development but have no clue on what to look for in people. Considering this start-up is in seed stage and there is no funding yet received, I cannot afford to pay salaries. So how can I proceed?

Dave Lampton Full-Stack Web/Internet Engineer w/ 23 yrs exp.

February 3rd, 2021

Don't have the person tell you what they can do. Have them show you what they've done. You probably also want to see it work on both iPhones and Android phones because developing for the two is not the same. You don't necessarily have to tell them you're non-technical - it might help if they don't know what you know. Ask them about a tough problem they've solved in the past. Ask them non-technical questions about it to see if they can explain to you, in non-technical terms, what made the problem difficult and how their solution was novel. You don't have to understand it all, but a person who has solved tough problems remembers how they did it with lots of details. A person who didn't really solve something tough usually doesn't remember much detail about it. Good luck.

M Agrawal Information Technology Professional (MBA, MCITP, MCTS)

February 3rd, 2021

You can post your idea here on CoFounders Lab and see if:

- Any technical person would like to join you for equity without salary. Or

- Any investors would like to fund you so you can hire CTO.

If you want to keep the idea confidential then maybe contact people individually.

Or to do it on your own, Dave's advice is good. You can hire people on Upwork. You can post your project comprising of several milestones. Pay little by little as you see progress with each milestone.

All the best!

paul Okoduwa Growth hacker for saas companies, marketing coach and consultant

February 8th, 2021

Hey, how about you go with the lean methodology bt building an MVP first. instead of paying lots of money for development.

A nocode tool like bubble can help you build fast.

Do let me know should you need help building with bubble.

Rashmi Reddy Self made

February 9th, 2021

Yes Dave perception is right they should tell you how they did i think maybe i can help on that part as i did in past and even i have group of members still working in same mobile platform.

Emma @ NuBinary NuBinary Community & Marketing Specialist

February 25th, 2021

Hi Veda!

It really seems like you are on the right track to getting your business started. You are just in need of a little extra help from outside resources. Since hiring a full-time CTO can be really costly, have you considered a Fractional CTO?

At NuBinary, we can connect you with a fractional CTO or part-time CTO who can help guide your business, create technology strategies, and provide technical leadership at a startup-friendly cost!

We can also help you look into grants and funding that may be available to you. and your business.

If you would like to learn more please don't hesitate to reach out.

Take care! ☺️