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David Aitken IV CEO at Triton Consulting Group

May 14th, 2018

I'm in the Houston area and have several business models that need traction and has a big empty market spot; I need some sounding boards for putting together teams and prospecti to get them funded, but I feel like I'm floating alone on an island here.

Any references or contacts would be greatly appreciated.

Yi Li Mechanical engineer with programming experience

May 16th, 2018

Startup funding for Houston, where I’m also at, is pretty limited. The most funding available in Texas would be at Austin, which is still only 11th on the national ranking for amount of investment available.

Whitney Founder of Meetaway -- Online events that fit into startup life.

Last updated on May 21st, 2018

Have you considered virtual communities to grow your network?

YEC or EO (not sure which) has a seed stage group; facebook groups are a mixed bag; pay for advice on; meetups and co-working spaces near you; meetaway (my own site organizes online startup events based on common challenges).

Each option has different trade-offs, but even in a desert, there is life. My cofounder raised his first round in Dallas and Houston so water does exist there, though you may have to get it from a cactus.

Best of luck!

David Aitken IV CEO at Triton Consulting Group

May 16th, 2018

And Yi; I would imagine that's mostly for tech startups, like Techstars style ventures, yeah?