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How and where can I find funding and co-founders to help launch my proposed Corona Care Project for Africa as a not-for-profit social enterprise project?


July 10th, 2020

Dear All,

I have been developing a Corona Care Relief Project for Africa since March/April when many experts including WHO were all beginning to predict that Africa could become another epicentre for Covid-19 pandemic crisis, which stuck with me ever since and continue to give me sleepless night and concerns. As an African myself who have lots of relatives leaving in Africa and also as someone (Sociologist) who knows how impoverished the continent is coupled with widespread corruption and lack of preparedness to combat the pandemic, I have been troubled and toiling day and night since February to develop a project to help mitigate and contain the impacts and incidences of Covid-19 pandemic in Africa. While I have already developed the business plan substantially, however, lack of financial confidence continues to hamper this project launch.

If anybody knows how best I can go about getting this project off the ground, I would very much appreciate it. I believe very strongly that the project can attract good Crowdfund-raising campaign if it is launched in a very professional way, which was why I have been very reluctant to just kick-start it from nowhere. I need inputs and suggestions on how best to go about 'launching', 'crowdfunding' and building a team of co-founders who are passionate about helping to stop Africa from becoming another epicentre of Covid-19 pandemic crisis.

Since April till date, all the critical predictions about Africa seem more and more inevitable as the cases across the African continent continues to quardrupple every week since the month of April when the confirm cases across Africa rose speedily to over 20,000 and have since been doubling every one week. Today Africa has not yet beating the curve of the first wave and the figure is now over 500,000 confirm positive cases with over 12,000 deaths. Not only is this exponential rise signalling the inevitability of catastrophic lost of human lives but also that more than 50 million extra extreme poor would be added to the continent. Given all these, I still see my project idea very useful to be implemented in the way I have designed it as a not-for-profit social enterprise. Please I need everybody's help urgently!

Jett T. Angel investor, startup advisor, entrepreneur, ideator, engineer, published author, producer, ...

July 11th, 2020

Feel free to reach out. Happy to see if/how I can help.

George Abraham Advisory Board Member at LDI Africa

July 10th, 2020

Hello, Your project is critical and timely to address these and many issues across Africa. Please connect with me on email - and/or whatsApp (+44) 7895158928. I was born in Africa and also consult in the region but live in UK. So it needs tarction and support from supporters of the diaspora and networks both here and Africa. Look forward to hearing from you.

Peter Ozonyia Founder & CEO at Education Frontliners: International Student Recruitment Agency

July 11th, 2020

Hi Jett, Thank you so much for responding to my posting and for your willingness to help out. I sincerely appreciate it. I need all the help and support I can get because this is an ambitious important project that I cannot do by myself alone. It doesn't feel right and besides it is a big conception that intends to cover the whole sub-Saharan Africa. The project in question means a lot to me as I strongly believe it can make important contribution to the fight against Covid-19 pandemic across the African continent and hopefully help prevent Africa from becoming another epicentre of pandemic crisis. This proposed project is largely about "Masking and Sanitising Africa's Poor Communities" with the project focusing on providing free face-masks, hand sanitizers, as well as handwashing items and palliatives to poor people in urban slums and impoverished rural areas across sub-Saharan African countries. Preventing those high-risk areas from becoming a breeding ground for community transmission remains an important way to prevent Africa from becoming an epicenter. The most important core aspect of this project is empowering "small tailors" located in those impoverished communities. They would be given face-masks making materials as starter packs .... Details are in the business plan. The main goal of the project is to ensure that adequate provision of "basic protective items" are readily available and critically sustained in those high-risk areas. Such an adequate protection strategy is not yet there on the ground across Africa. What is obtainable so far is ad hockery provisions, which have been temporary interventions by some local NGOs whose main activities have been hampered by the lockdowns. And they are eager to return back to their core areas of focus after the lockdowns. With the opening of society and businesses now after the lockdowns, most efforts in those high-risk areas may be beginning to weasel out gradually, even though COVID-19 cases keep on rising steadily with the fear of community transmission spiking in those high-risk areas with devastating consequences. We can't just wait for the worst to happen before doing something. I believe in being proactive with regards to protective intervention strategy than being reactive when the worst is already happening. In fact, I will send you a copy of the draft business plan that I have put together for your perusal, which may give you a full picture about this proposed project: Masking and Sanitising Africa's Poor Communities. We can then discuss it in more details and see how to move it forward. We can chat over the phone/WhatsApp; and please, feel free to inbox me any thoughts and suggestions with regards to this project. Here's my number