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How and where do you find inspiration?

Merry Ferrer Owner at Meysine's Merchandise

October 1st, 2016

Nothing like finding one of those moments where you are unstoppable with ideas that you can later on execute. How and where do you find those moments of inspiration for yourself and your venture?

Rod Abbamonte Co Founder at STARTREK / @startupHunter / @startupWay / @CoFounderFound / @GOcapital / @startupClub / @lastminute

October 1st, 2016

Inspiration is a feeling that springs from our soul.

Tom DiClemente Management Consulting | Interim CEO/COO | Coach

October 2nd, 2016

Inspiration normally comes either when you are at your lowest point and feel on the edge of failure, or, during those times you reserve to work on your business at the 40,000 foot level, when you are working on rather than in your business.

Stephen G. Barr Inimitable Advisor with Wide experience.

October 1st, 2016

As someone who has had numerous personal achivements over the course of a diverse 40 year career I no longer seek personal inspiration but rather seek to inspire those younger than myself. If I can inspire through personal mentorship, my writings, or by example a younger person to a degree that affects their work in positive manor I am very pleased.  

Mark Muskardin UI Engineer at QBIS

October 1st, 2016

I usually get inspiration when I'm in the woods.  Do what you enjoy to decompress and do it often.

Alexandr Semichin

October 1st, 2016

Inspiration comes from reading and watching biographies of outstanding personalities. 
Following biographies inspired me: Einstein: His Life and Universe, Benjamin Franklin: An American Life, Steve Jobs.