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Ruediger Drischel Serial entrepreneur, future focussed. Guideline: courageous entrepreneur, prudent businessman.

March 30th, 2018

Hello, I am working with a team on a platform which will transform the art of storytelling and content creation in everyday life. We will reach a new level of collaboration in private and public storytelling. The platform will be a new step in democratizing publishing.

From our market observation, we know that in particular, the education system is a valuable submarket, perfectly to start with.On the long run the platform, its services, are designed to a variety of use cases. We seek for a use comparable to the toothbrush, e. g. our objective is, our customers will use the services daily like their toothbrush.

We have reached several milestones yet like a showcase with collaborative stories, 12+ months experience with storyteller teams, mockups with a clickable, graphics, system maps etc. ready for the MVP to be coded. The monetization is based on a simple comprehensible business model with sustainable revenues.

Though our team is situated globally, we understand the importance of a local connection to the first funders. Therefore we plan to relocate to the U.S.I am curious what you guys will recommend us in regard to relocating the company to the U.S. entrepreneurial system in order to find a pre-product funder for the MVP and maybe more.Any helpful advice will be greatly appreciated.

Robert Hurst Robert Hurst, Co-Founder at Audio Network Group

March 30th, 2018

We secured our seed finance from suppliers and local angels. We subsequently secured a US based private equity investor without needing to move of HQ team from the UK.

kraig Into ICOs, fintech and saas

April 2nd, 2018

Given the visa system, it might actually be easier to move the team to Canada (they do a one year) plenty of flights i and out and use b1/b2 multi entry visa initially . There are other options, depending on current income/job creation/revenue of team/startup.

Okoye Ikechukwu-Maria Nnamdi Hyacinth Managing Partner, McAgnus-Dei Associates (but may change in due course)

April 4th, 2018

Sure funding should not be the basis for relocating your business to the U.S. There are investors in the U.S. and elsewhere who fund feasible and viable projects around the world. Entering a new country requires a lot more than just moving your equipment to that country. If you make any mistakes, it can cost you the whole business and much more.

So if funding is the problem, seek investors from such agencies as UNIDO, American Small Business Association etc.