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How can I approach a local company to expand globally?

Regulus fosso Student at Varsity College

April 15th, 2015

Hi, I'm leaving in a foreign country as a university student studying Bachelor of Commerce Degree. I have been watching this company that manufacture machines for start-ups entrepreneurs and sell them at an affordable price with and offers training to the buyers to make sure that they have full knowledge to operate and exploit the machinesfor a decade.

With level of unemployment in country of origin, people who want to start manufacturing businesses struggle to import machines due to huge transport cost and tariffs. I've proposed this company products and services in my country and they are very anscious about the opportunities this type of company will offer them. I even have people ready to buy for two or more the machines being sell by this company.

1) With wahat and how can I approach the company to propose the expansion?

Thank you very much for precious time time and help

Kindly Regulus

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