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How can I find entrepreneurs need to hire product development team?

Ozan Saral Co Founder of Monaida.com

Last updated on March 8th, 2017

We are a product development agency that provides Product Management, Design and Development services. There are various freelancer platforms, but it is really hard to find proper projects. Some of them trying to outsource with cheapest price, some of them doesn't have any idea about the software projects. Do you know any isolated platforms provides projects of good quality that you can make proposals to them as a team?

Eva Moorman I'm a project manager and growth marketer.

March 9th, 2017

I'm a product manager myself and I've been running into the same problems. I've tried more upscale platforms like hired.com and outsourcely.com where there is a bigger selection process based on skills and quality. But I'm not sure they pay enough for an agency. I'd give angellist a try.

Otherwise I would try cold email or a similar channel. I don't think you'll have a lot of luck with platforms like Upwork as an agency.

Ozan Saral Co Founder of Monaida.com

Last updated on March 9th, 2017

I’ve been trying to reach startups via Angellist too. Investigating Jobs on Angellist, then offering a team service for a position. Developer cost is for a startup around annualy 100K dollars in US. We can give provide same development output in three months and %40 cheaper.And it is flexieble service that includes product management,design and development disciplines.

Outsourcing is hard to manage, especially when the company want to hire freelancer one by one and creating a new remote team. Every new project has three month baby steps phase, generally ends with re-start decision whole project from scratch. Teams learn from mistakes, understand project, creating better solutions. But there are common mistakes, that always and always experienced in start-ups. If someone have worked in Start-ups from scratch, can understand what i mean.

It is an idea about supporting start-ups from idea level to their MVPs. We identify ourselves as start-up too, and testing our ideas in various platforms, trying to reach customers with idea level startups, early stage start-ups, or trying to add new feature or application to their products.

Crew.co is similar business model with us. But we want to develop into various technologies like Mobile,IOT,VR,Big Data and design digital experiences in these areas. Besides being expert on one particular technologies, we want be expert on grasping new technologies and methodologies.

How can we reach to our potential customers?

Peter Karczmarzyk Marketer | Web Developer | Creative Director

Last updated on March 9th, 2017

Hi Ozan, checkout this awesome marketplace for product development firms like yours bizxpro.com. To list on this site as a provider is FREE. This tool actively searches on your behalf thousands of opportunities on a daily basis to help find quality leads. This is a great lead gen tool that I would highly recommend!

Rogue Startup

March 9th, 2017

I would also attend MeetUps. Our firm, that offers product development services to startups, attends local meetups to find new clients.