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How can I find the right business angel(s) for my startup?

Matthieu LEPINE Fundraiser @GamersOrigin, the French eSports Co.

January 18th, 2017

As our startup grows, and looks towards international markets (we are a French company), I am more and more concerned about the selection of business angels. Should we look for foreign investors? French business angels? Where can I find them?

Benjamin Appleby Seeking Tech Co-founder. VC's/Angels in place.

January 19th, 2017

Try Angel List bro, or depending on your stage of development, you could apply for an app incubator/accelerator programme such as Y-Combinator or Techstars. But if its Angel investors you're looking for, Angel list is my biggest recommendation to you :)

David Feng Co-Founder at Reamaze, Clearalias, and Roninapp.

January 19th, 2017

Based on my experience, angels are most easily found among friends, family, and close connections. Comb your linkedin connections and look for folks with angel investment backgrounds and ask for introductions. I recommend finding a mentor among your startup community and he/she can be helpful in location angel investments. Try your local small business forums or sponsored meetups will help as well. As for finding the "right" angels, that's really difficult to say. When you meet and speak with them, you'll know if they're the right fit. Again, they're investing in you, so make sure they're the right fit.