Idea validation

how can i get potential users to find loopholes in my idea?

Kamso Nwani helpful entrepreneur, foodie, writer, startup enthusiast

Last updated on September 21st, 2017

we are the idea stage right now and are still conducting market survey but the whole process has been really slow. so right now, we want potential users to build up our mailing list and find faults in our business model.

Yann ESSOH Founder, Telecom & Ecommerce Business development manager

September 22nd, 2017

Hi Kamso,

You need an advisor or a co-founder who really knows how to build a start-up business from scratch, and that specifically has strong skills and start-up experience in:

1) lean customers interview hack,

2) lean marketing,

3) customers growth hack,

4) business idea vetting,

5) how to detect early that an idea will fail, 6) how and when to pivot,

7) climbing the mvp mountain,

8) b2b and b2c sales best practice (because you have no business if you can't sell)

9) psychology of selling

10) financial modelling for startup (because you will need to check the likeliness of your business model to generate enough value and money to be financially sustainable)

I can help.

Feel free to join me on LinkedIn or send me a private message here.

Nacio-Félix Laubressac Co-Founder Cacti - Student 42 - pursuing (too many) projects

Last updated on September 27th, 2017


If I can give you an advice, share your idea, attend startup meetup, startup conference and don't be shy to talk about your product, you'll find some interesting people that will challenge your idea and maybe even give you new ideas.

Yea but for the User Experience feedback, it'd be wise to setup User Test (with appropriate questions to ask), you need to ask yourselves, "What do I want to challenge/verify during this user test ?" and orient the surveythat way.

Maybe reach out to a UX designer for the survey, etc..

Iteration is key!