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How can I meet and interact with silicon valley investors while in Kenya?

Kennedy Nyaga Into ideas that shift behaviours of a generation

January 31st, 2017

I am currently bootstrapping through a business. My competitors got $1M in funding last year. My product does the same thing as they do but at a cheaper more efficient way. However, I seem to be greatly disadvantaged simply because they have an American co-founder who managed to meet some investors at Silicon valley.

I would like to find out efficient ways to bring onboard investors/mentorship/advisory to my team or have someone introduce me.

Efuet Andrew Atem

January 31st, 2017

Hello Kennedy,

I can understand your frustration, raising money out of the valley can be a real nightmare. We once had this debate: "Would Facebook been successful had it been located in Asia, South America, Europe or Africa?" our conclusion was maybe NOT. You need patience, perseverance and some cash. Do a lot of networking by attending startup events like Web Summit, CES, (you will certainly need some cash).

Also, do a lot of online networking, like engaging with investors you've identified via Facebook, Twitter, Angel list, LinkedIn, their Blog, etc.

I will refer you to this 2 articles for an elaboration of what to do : 11 hacks to get meetings with investors in Silicon Valley and What are the best SF Bay Area events to attend to meet VC and Angel investors?

In all, it requires a lot of time, creativity and understanding. Find out about the investors, the stage they invest in and the minimum amount they can invest. If somebody rejects, just ask them if they can introduce you to one of their contacts who might be interested. Depending on why they rejected in the first place.

Also I don't know if you are part of an accelerator, but if not, you might want to consider joining one.

Am the founder of World like Home, don't hesitate to keep in touch if need be.



January 31st, 2017

Kennedy lots of folks are also generating angel funding networks that specialize in angel networks. Please contact me on Linked In for referrals to these regional sources of capital.

Melissa Rich Passionate, Mission Driven, Strategy, Growth & Impact Leader - Founder, CEO, President, Executive Management

January 31st, 2017

check out Village Capital's international cohorts...

Paws Worldwide Founder at Paws Worldwide

June 8th, 2021

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