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How can I reflect experience in an accelerator on resume?


August 26th, 2015

Finished an accelerator program. Unfortunately I ran into problems and now need to work at a regular job and moonlight my startup. I was at an accelerator program. Should that experience be reflected in my resume? If so, where does it go?

Mohit Sehgal Founder & CEO at Questive

August 26th, 2015

I would put it as another job title like this: "Founder at XYZ Accelerator"

Below that you should add the following:

List what skills you’ve learned throughout the accelerator. These days accelerators/incubators are more valuable than MBA degrees as you’ve gotten real experience executing rather than learning theory or doing simulated projects in classrooms.

Depending on how selective the accelerator is you can share the acceptance statistics. For example YC has a <1% acceptance rate, that means you’re doing something right if you’re able to get in. Highlighting those numbers will be definitely make you stand out.

Talk about the accomplishments during the accelerator. Where was your startup before the program and where was it after? You should bring that to light.

Mention the network and mentors you’ve gained. Hiring managers will see value in a candidate whose been mentored by entrepreneurs, especially in hopes that you bring that same entrepreneurial spirit to the job.

Kevin Earnest President at Earnest Consulting

August 26th, 2015

I encourage people to use the S/TAR format.
1. Describe the Situation/Task you confronted; provides context to resume readers.
2. Describe specific Actions you took; "you", not "we"; show how you Planned actions, Executed actions, Checked actions (plan/do/check/act)
3. Describe the Results obtained; vertical, horizontal, enterprise-wide, etc.
Have helped several write STAR resumes; the narrative tells the story.
Hope this helps.

Saïd PhD Tech Entrepreneur, Search Expert, Digtal Marketer

January 12th, 2017

Hi there,

For any experience you want to highlight, from an acclerator or any other type of organization, I highly recommend using the PAR Statement when you write your résumé. PAR is for Project, Achievement, Results. If you manage to highlight skills that are seeked by employers, then you'll increase your chances of geeting an interview.

I'm sure you have learned a lot from your experience with the accelerator. There's no doubt that you can demonstrate a lot of skills on your résumé.

Good luck!