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How can I setup a business which trades with my employer without falling into the conflict of interest trap?

Riccardo Bartolucci

November 13th, 2017

I am working for a company and I see here many opportunities to make and then grow my personal business. I am concerned about the conflict of interest. How can I avoid that? Can I make the company under somebody else's name or perhaps with a trust structure or any other way?

Danson Muniu Creative and idealistic entrepreneur.

November 14th, 2017

This will depend with how well you know your employer, may be s/he wouldn't mind especially if you are making money from them but to be safe u can disguise a company and test the waters.

David M

November 17th, 2017

Depends on whether you signed a non compete. If you did, and you proceed you risk serious legal repercussions, as people breaking non competes is rarely tolerated by any business. Thats where you need to start. From there, you need to decide whether or not you like your current job. If you do, and you break out to form another company that draws revenue from your current one, you absolutely will lose your job. Another route may be to legally protect any plans or business you have, and then pitch to your current company and tell them you want to add a revenue channel, but you want to be an equal partner in the new business. Your situation sounds like one of strategy. Eitherway, line up your approach to protect you if you stay with your company, and establish the path to move forward if your current company trys to get in your way. Just make sure you are contractually clear whichever route you choose. If you are, be ethical of course, but beyond that do what you have to do to advance.