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How can i target the customers can i able to solve the pain point of the people?

Arul Srinivaasan Co-founder @MedX AI

June 7th, 2017

I am building an Artificial Intelligent for healthcare service and also integrating the all available healthcare services in a single platform.

Darren Bolger Decorated Entrepreneur with extensive experience connecting people to the best opportunities

November 30th, 2020

If you want to develop your ideas and meet the right people, there’s no better community of private members clubs than at Haurun.

I began by becoming a member of a new private club for entrepreneurs which might interest you and gain you interested contacts and investment.

In fact, there are nine clubs each with membership at only £200 per annum and with different specialisms from, art, property, travel, events, entrepreneurs, investment, tech, fashion etc.

I have additional interests so I joined at the membership level of - Honorary so I’m entitled to access to four clubs which you can visit here

I hope this is helpful as it can often be frustrating to have ideas but no one to help. I believe you’ll enjoy this as much as I am and look forward to meeting you at one of their events.